Is it too late to buy Solana? SOL Price Rises 18% as AI Crypto Signal Platform yPredict Approaches $2.9M

Solana’s native token $SOL indicates positive market sentiment and has risen above the $18 resistance zone.

Based on data from CoinMarketCapthe digital asset has seen a remarkable 18% increase in the past few days, as it sits at a price of $22.

This rise generated bullish sentiment and sparked enthusiasm among cryptocurrency traders.

As $SOL continues to reach new market bullishness, other altcoins such as $YPRED have created quite a buzz in the crypto sphere as a coin with the potential of 100x in the coming weeks.

$SOL price rally signals a market rally

The Solana token saw a notable rise this week, indicating significant growth potential in the near future for this esteemed blockchain.

At the time of publication, $SOL is trading at $22.06%, indicating an uptrend of 17.95% in the last seven days.

The altcoin’s new bullish sentiment has generated quite a stir in the crypto space, indicated by its staggering 24-hour trading volume of $356.4 million.

Crypto analysts believe that there is still an opportunity to invest in $SOL, as their technical analysis indicates a price rally in the coming days.

The token is trading above the 50-day SMA of $18.79 and the 200-day SMA of $20.44, indicating a bullish zone.

The asset is also above the 5-day EMA of $21.70 and the 10-day EMA of $20.92, which aligns with the SMA’s analysis of a growth path. positive.

Its Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently sits at 69.56, a big boost from its previous 63.00. This means an exponential move into an overbought zone, which could drive price increases.

Despite the recent surge in the $SOL market, no clear catalyst is currently driving this new bullish momentum.

It is worth noting that the asset has faced challenges, having recently been delisted from multiple US trading platforms.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase on June 5 and 6, respectively, citing $SOL as an unregistered security.

While the way forward for $SOL looks challenging, the rise of a new crypto project, yPredict, is making a splash in the crypto sphere, with its native token, $YPRED, surpassing $3 million in pre-sale.

yPredict ($YPRED): The next largest asset to reach 100x

While the new $SOL bull run is exciting, high-volume investors flock to the new cryptocurrencies due to their explosive price-pumping spreads.

Emerging assets provide new opportunities to earn more returns on investments than returning old tokens.

One of the fast-paced cryptocurrencies gearing up for market launch is the revolutionary yPredict, which has now raised a staggering $2.92 million through the ongoing pre-sale of its native token, $YPRED.

The main cause of the ongoing successful $YPRED pre-sale is its ecosystem. This blockchain-powered platform aims to revolutionize the way traders approach the cryptocurrency market.

Leveraging a toolset of AI-powered predictive algorithms, yPredict enables users to forecast the value of crypto assets and identify high-risk assets to avoid potential losses.

Through the versatile yPredict modes, traders can easily spot bullish runs of tokens like $PEPE, $SPONGE, and $SOL before they experience significant price increases.

Market insiders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are particularly excited about $YPRED due to its value-driven development team of industry-leading AI experts and software developers.

The AI-based platform also offers model tools to members to enable developers, quants, and experienced crypto traders to create custom models for novice traders.

To access these models, users must pay subscription fees through $YPRED tokens. This creates a new stream of business ventures for developers on the platform.

yPredict also offers essential AI tools that members can take advantage of. These include sentiment analysis, technical analysis, AI signals, and over 25 automated chart patterns.

These tools work together to provide traders with detailed information and market opportunities to take advantage of and generate huge profits.

Why it is worth investing in $YPRED

In addition to the earning potential, yPredict also offers a wide range of benefits for investors. Platform members can access all analytics predictive models designed by the top 1% of artificial intelligence (AI) developers.

As detailed by yPredict White Paper, these forecasting tools provide data-driven insights into financial markets. To access these features, investors need a minimum of $250 YPRED tokens through pre-sale.

Additionally, token holders can earn passive income from staking and earn up to 45% annual percentage yield.

The platform also offers additional $YPRED tokens as a bonus for each pre-sale purchase. The bonus varies according to the amount of the investment.

The minimum investment required to access the yPredict bonus is $250; the higher the investment, the higher the bonus. For example, traders who invest $500 get a 4% bonus or 257.12 $YPRED tokens.

At press time, yPredict’s native token, $YPRED, is in stage six of its pre-sale.

The token is priced at a discount of $0.09 per token, 25% below the planned listing price of $0.12, giving early investors a great opportunity to make big profits before the token launch .

Buy $YPRED now

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.