Insidious Review: The Red Door (2023)

“There is something following us”, – Josh Lambert (Insidious: The Red Door, 2023)

Finally, we will be able to see the movie we have been waiting for a long time on July 12, 2023. The fifth and final film in the Insidious franchise will give us an answer about what will happen to his father, Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson). and his son, Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins).

In the end Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), her memories were erased by Carl (Steve Coulter), who was a friend of Elise (Lin Shaye), who had been murdered in Insidious (2010).

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In the media screening that was previously held in Jakarta on July 6, the premiere of this film was really lively. The cinema seats are almost completely full and many fans of this film are waiting for the franchise to close to arouse their curiosity.

It is undeniable that the history of the Lambert family is really interesting to follow. Aside from the fact that the first two movies were directed by James Wan, who found success with his Conjuring universe, Lin Shaye’s role as Elise has left a deep mark on the franchise, which is entering its decade.

In Insidious: The Red DoorWe’ll see Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins again, all of whom reprise their original roles, as Patrick Wilson makes his directorial debut in this final Insidious film.


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The film opens 10 years after the events. Insidious: Chapter 2, where Josh and Dalton now have no recollection of the events that terrified their entire family in Chapter 2.

In the opening of The Red Door, Josh has divorced his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) and is on bad terms with their son, Dalton. Now that Dalton is getting ready to go to college, Renai suggests that Josh take Dalton to an art school, which sparks their fight again.

After they fought, Josh went back into treatment, found out why he was so forgetful, and tried to restore his memory. Dalton became terrified when his teacher told him to dig up his deepest memories so he could pour them into a painting.

Soon the two began to be haunted by their past through the darkness, Josh began to be haunted since he had an MRI and Dalton began to draw a red door with a scary figure next to the door.

Josh started to figure out, then practiced like a kid, to get his memory back. Meanwhile, Dalton, with the help of his roommate Chris Winslow (Sinclair Daniel), begins to find out what happened to the real Dalton.

Now more human than scary

There is a term, different chef, the taste of the food must be different. This is how we feel when we see it. Insidious: The Red Door. There is a different nuance when this movie was directed by James Wan in the first and second movies.

In both movies, we can even feel a really scary and tense atmosphere in each scene. Likewise with other directors like Leigh Whannell and Adam Robitel.

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However, Patrick Wilson takes this movie in a different direction. Dalton, who entered college and interacted with Chris, made this movie feel like a late ’90s to ’00s teen thriller, rather than horror.

On top of that, Renai and Josh’s divorce meant their chemistry wasn’t as close as it was in the first two movies. There is a distance that makes Josh have to figure out the cause of everything, just like Dalton. Of course in his way. This makes the movie feel like it’s searching for his own identity through its two main characters.

Towards the end, everything will be answered. Perhaps not all viewers will be satisfied. There is a sense of nostalgia that accompanies this film, which is shown through various characters, and that is not through the action, but through the crying.

The promising debut of Patrick Wilson

Is The Red Door worse than the previous Insidious? Of course not, Patrick Wilson has his own style. Patrick now leans more towards the characters of Josh and Dalton, while the others just become fans of him.

In fact, the jumpscares are still scary in several scenes, although not as well as in the first two movies. Darkness is the easiest way for any director to deliver some surprises to the audience.

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Especially going into The Further, and Cineverse sees that our audience is so easily scared when there are scenes in the dark and immediately close their eyes. Especially when approached by a lipstick-faced demon.

But Wilson also has a difference, he is good at dissipating tension when the atmosphere is bright. When Josh is chatting with Dalton in the car, something appears behind his seat that surprises us.

Similarly, when he was divining the image in the house across the street, a dark figure was seen getting closer and closer as Josh opened the box containing the image until he was finally attacked by the figure.

The fear that Patrick Wilson conveys in this way is very effective in giving this film more tension.


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Insidious: The Red Door it may not be the best if we compare it with the previous version of James Wan. The scares it generates aren’t as intense as the first two films, and as a conclusion to the franchise, it’s less groundbreaking.

This movie feels more personal for Patrick Wilson, and he tries his own style if the problem has to start from the bottom, meaning from his long-dead father, and also his children, who are affected by it. .

After leaving there, he then tried to improve his messy life with his family. The guilt he committed in Chapter 2 made his family fear him, and Josh worked hard to fix that.

Insidious: The Red Door it evokes an emotional epilogue rather than the action heroism displayed by the first two films. Not everyone will like such an ending. But this is exactly what Patrick Wilson hopes to bring to the end of this decade-long franchise.

Director: Patrick Wilson

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, Daniel Sinclair, Hiam Abbass, Andrew Astor, Peter Dager, Lin Shaye

Duration: 107 Minutes

Score: 6.4/10


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