Indiana Jones fails to break into the Top 5

Chinese Mystery Drama, lost in the stars it began to rise in its second week after release and gave China the third highest-grossing weekend of the year. Meanwhile, Indiana Jones only earned US$2.4 million in China.

The success of the local movie came at a time Indiana Jones and the dial of fate it failed to land in the top 5 in China in its opening weekend.

Indiana Jones earned just $2.4 million in China, according to estimates from local data providers. The film logged around 25,000 showings a day on Fridays, but earned less than $900,000.

The widescreen operator then cut the number of showings in half on Saturday. They further reduced the number of Sunday screening dates when it dropped to seventh place. Consultants Artisan Gateway did not provide confirmed data for Indiana Jones in China.

lost in the stars it made $117 million, according to Artisan Gateway. The gross increased significantly from its opening weekend of US$70.7 million (RMB 502 million) a week earlier and was enough to make it the second-biggest movie on the planet, behind Indiana Jones, which was more successful in other films. territories. After two launch weekends, lost in the stars has raised 320 million US dollars.

lost in the stars It is an adaptation of the 1990 Russian film, A trap for the lonely man, which was adapted from the play by Robert Thomas. The film features a woman who goes missing while traveling abroad with her husband.

Mysteriously, she reappears when her search has been exhausted, but the man refuses to accept that it is the same woman and believes that she is a con artist.

This Chinese adaptation is written by hitmaker Chen Sicheng (Detective Chinatown franchise) and co-directed by Liu Xiang (Knock Knock) and Cui Rui. The film stars Zhu Yilong, Ni Ni, Janice Man, and Du Jiang.

Never say Never, written and directed by actor Wang Baoqiang (Lost in Thailand, Detective Chinatown) did not officially open in China until July 6. Year-to-date revenue reached US$38.9 million.

chinese romantic movie Love never ends generated US$10.7 million. Opening five days a week earlier, the film now has a cumulative score of $45 million.

Transformers: Rise of Beasts it became the top Hollywood film in China, earning US$3.8 million in fourth place with a cumulative revenue of US$85.4 million.

Lightchaser Animated Movie Preview, chang an earning the film fifth place and an additional $3.2 million in revenue. The film will be officially released on July 8.

Strong showings for the top two movies, in particular, delivered big weekend gains. The national gross income is up to 170 million US dollars. Artisan Gateway estimates this year’s total at $3.77 billion. The result is 56% higher than last year and 14% higher than gross income in 2019.

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