Hwang Min-hyun Talks About His Character In My Lovely Liar

Hwang Min-hyun will play Kim Do Ha, the most successful music producer in Korea, but he has to hide his face from the world.

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Who can’t wait to see the duet of Hwang Min-hyun and Kim So-hyun in the upcoming drama? my lovely liar? The drama will air later on the service. stream saw. tvN recently shared a glimpse of the transformation of the character played by Hwan Min-hyun.

my lovely liar is a new mystery romance drama about a woman who can hear lies and a genius music producer who hides his identity.

Kim So Hyun will play Mok Sol Hee, whose supernatural ability to detect lies has caused her to lose faith in others, and who finds herself attracted to her suspicious next-door neighbor, Kim Do Ha.

Hwang Min Hyun will play Mok Sol Hee’s mysterious neighbor Kim Do Ha, who is the most successful music producer in Korea but has to hide his face from the world due to a secret.

After years of living his life in isolation from the rest of society, Kim Do Ha finds reason to smile again when he becomes entangled with his unlikely neighbor, Mok Sol Hee.

“I wanted to try acting in a modern romance, and it was through a great opportunity that I found My Lovely Liar. Because I enjoyed director Nam Sung Woo’s previous work, I really wanted to work with him no matter what,” said Hwang Min-hyun.
“When I first read the script, I was drawn to the unique stories of each of the main characters. I love seeing them worry about the conflicts that arise from such circumstances, work together to resolve them, and gradually heal in the process.”
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Hwang Min-hyun then described his character, saying that Kim Do Ha is a character who has many secrets and has been hiding from the world for a long time.

“Kim Do Ha accidentally ends up leading a double life. He is mysterious at times and tries not to let people near him, but underneath that, Do Ha has his own hidden secret.”
“After meeting Mok Sol Hee, the only person who believed in him, he went out again. [ke dunia] and gradually it started to change,” Hwang Minhyun continued.
“He’s a bit clumsy, and sometimes he’s behaving strangely around other people in unexpected ways, which I think makes people laugh.”
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Newly released stills from the upcoming drama reveal that Kim Do Ha was not always a loner: During his high school days, he was a normal, carefree teenager.

One of the photos shows Kim Do Ha reading out loud in class, looking like any other high school student.

However, by the time Mok Sol Hee meets him, Kim Do Ha has become an uptight and withdrawn adult who has built an impenetrable wall around himself.

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Sitting at the piano, the producer had a wary look in his eyes even as he hid his face with a mask, revealing how serious he was about hiding his identity.

The only place where Kim Do Ha can relax is at home, where he is alone and free from the prying eyes of others, but the sadness in his expression suggests that he is not happy with his solitary lifestyle.

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