Hot Meme Coin Burn Kenny Price Pumps 1.5x on Launch, 3-Day 30% Supply Burn Starts and Alpha Calls Kick In

burn kenny meme coin price chart

South Park-inspired meme coin Burn Kenny saw its token price skyrocket 1.5x on launch day before finding a short-term bottom, and is now consolidating as it gears up for further advances.

Presale buyers of the coin had initial gains of 60%, having bought the coin for $0.0001875 to see it touch $0.0002987 for its intraday high.

10% of $KENNY token supply burned and more to come in the next few days

However, bullish sentiment continues to surround the coin due to its burn schedule for the next three days, in which 10% of the total supply is wiped out daily.

Today’s Burn Kenny token burn has already taken placewhich saw 666,666,666 withdrawn from circulation.

With two more burns to take place in the coming days, buyers continue to be drawn to the coin.

Burn Kenny coin is trending at number 1 on DEXtools

The viral success of the Burn Kenny coin toss is perhaps a testament to the drawing power of the South Park brand, but also to the team’s clever token design and savvy marketing.

Kenny is one of the main protagonists of the cartoon comedy South Park, much loved for its irreverence and also for its gag in which Kenny is killed by ‘those bastards’ in every episode.

Evidence of the following that the coin is collecting is seen in $KENNY trending at number 1 on DEXtoolsThe main site to stay up to date with the new decentralized exchange (DEX) listings.

kenny birn coin trending at no.  1 in dextools

Further reinforcing the positive sentiment, alpha calls start coming in for the coin.

telegram based alpha group of calls Crypto Whale Pumps with over 22,200 members he scored another win after tipping $KENNY to pump at the launch.

In his commentary on the initial price action, his analyst says that there is still money to be made:

It did not fall below the presale price for 30 minutes. many opportunities to take the first profit or exit without loss Early sellers were shaken as the team worked towards a 99/99 Dex Score, Hot Pairs and trending on Dextools. Back in profit again (as expected) and another opportunity to earn money.

There are many reasons to support the claim of the folks at Crypto Whale Pumps.

The $KENNY team seems to know what they are doing on the marketing front, hence the coin started trending at #1 on DEXtools about an hour after going live.

Additionally, the $330k liquidity has been locked in for three months and there are no transaction taxes or blacklisting features. in the smart contract code for buyers to care about.

$KENNY price set to win another 2x

Burn Kenny token price is consolidating at the $0.00021-22 level as it builds up energy for the next push higher.

Trading volume is almost $1 million and there are 700 token holders at the time of writing, respectable numbers at this early stage in the lifecycle.

Burn Kenny’s launch day performance is all the more remarkable, as it does so against the backdrop of bitcoin’s plunge to $29,100 and the launch of OpenAi co-founder Sam Altman’s much-heralded Worldcoin.

Despite all the market noise, Burn Kenny got an audience and will no doubt be building on that solid platform for the next week.

Cryptocurrency traders on Twitter are also getting in on the action. Here’s the word from Rain NFT, in a tweet to his 119k followers:

Burn Kenny price could 2x from its current level to the $0.00045 target.

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