Hilarious One Piece Netflix Characters That Look Like Indonesian Artists!

Before the premiere of the live action series One piece, streaming channel Netflix has just shared the second trailer showing the look of its live-action lineup of characters. From the main characters of the Netflix series played by the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates, to important characters in history. One piece like Gol D. Roger and Mihawk.

Interestingly, the fans of the homeland themselves see the revelation of this character from a comedic perspective. Where many equate the cast of characters One piece with Indonesian artists or celebrities. Right away, check out the fun below, Geeks!

Monkey D. Luffy x Bryan Furran

one piece netflix characters

I don’t know who started it, the first live action character from One piece the Netflix version that is compared to Indonesian celebrities is Monkey D. Luffy by actor Iñaki Godoy. Godoy’s appearance is considered to be quite similar to Indonesian YouTuber and influencer Brayn Furran. Judging by their facial features, hair, and expressive facial expressions, they look quite similar at first glance.

Roronoa Zoro x Anang Hermannsyah

one piece netflix characters

Who does not know the Indonesian singer and songwriter, Anang Hermansyah. Juxtaposing a photo when his hair was still green, many fans compared Aurel’s father to one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ major figures in the Netflix series. One piecenamely Roronoa Zoro, played by the handsome actor Makenyu.

Usopp x Sakurata Ginting

one piece netflix characters

Still of the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates, Netflix characters One piece so what is equated with Indonesian artists is Usopp. The character played by actor Jacob Romero Gibson is considered to be similar to Indonesian actor Sakurta Ginting aka Kipli from The day of reckoning is near. One of the reasons may be because of its equally nifty features.

Mustache Gol D. Roger x Opie

one piece netflix characters

From the Straw Hat Pirates we move on to the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger who created the universe One piece turbulent. First appearance of one of the main characters of the Netflix series’ One piece this is actually considered similar to comedian Opie Kumis. The artist who popularized the ‘cooking aer’ rhyme actually has a mustache that at first glance looks like actor Michael Dorman’s live-action performance of Gol D. Roger.

Shanks x Vincent Rompies

If you’re referring to the image above, you’ll probably agree that Shanks’ character’s appearance is in One piece the Netflix version resembles Indonesian artist Vincent Rompies. The reason is probably because Vincent’s face shape is almost similar to that of actor Peter Gadiot, who plays Shanks in the live action series.

Dracule Mihawk x Romy Rafael

Both have a mustache and beard, one of the important characters in the Netflix series’ One piece namely, Dracule Mihawk has just been equated by several Indonesian fans to the mesmerizing Romy Rafael. Especially in Indonesia itself, Romy is known for having Caucasian facial features, so it makes sense that he would be the first person to imagine after seeing actor Steven Ward’s performance as the live-action version of Mihawk.

Buggy x Aldi Taher

one piece netflix characters

Lastly, and perhaps most amusingly, it turns out that quite a few Indonesian fans see the resemblance of the live-action character Buggy in the Netflix series. One piece with Aldi Taher. Precisely when this controversial artist puts on clown makeup in the video clip for the song “Stupid Man” by Ada Band.

What do you think of all this logic, geeks? Are the Indonesian artists above worthy of being substitute actors in the series? One piece Netflix version? Despite all the jokes, we must remember that the series is live action. One piece is scheduled to premiere on August 31 only on the Netflix streaming channel.

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