Heroic, 5 treacherous Skrulls in the Marvel Universe!

In the history of the Marvel Universe, the alien Skrull nation is known as one of the greatest threats to superheroes and Earth as a whole. Especially the super skrulls, who are the deadliest elite soldiers equipped with the combined strength of various famous superheroes. However, as individuals within each nation, there will always be those who take a different path than others. In this article, we take a look at five super Skrulls who started out as evil but ultimately betrayed their own people by going on heroic adventures on Earth.


In the long history of the Skrull nation, Lyja is known as one of the Super Skrulls who was first sent to prepare secret invasion before another comes to take over the Earth. As a person who has gone through a genetic experiment with a super Skrull, Lyja has a number of basic abilities from members of the Fantastic Four, especially the power of fire like Johnny Storm aka Human Torch and energy fields like Sue. Storm, also known as Invisible Woman.

In her debut story, Lyja is told to disguise herself as Alicia Masters, who is trying to get close to the Human Torch. Where she managed to make the Human Torch fall in love with her, they even got married in the comics. Fantastic four #300. One year later, Lyja’s true identity as a Skrull is exposed and she is forced to help the real Alicia Masters. Long story short, the real Alice ended up marrying another Fantastic Four member, Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

On the other hand, Lyja’s feelings for the Human Torch turned into true love, where she later decided to take the heroic path as a reserve member of the Fantastic Four. unfortunately when secret invasion happened, his people demanded that he defeat the Fantastic Four. Although he initially managed to send the Fantastic Four’s headquarters called the Baxter Building into the Negative Zone, he ultimately couldn’t help but defend his family and friends on Earth.

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