HEISENBERG Meme Token Soars 30,000%, But Experts Say It’s A Scam: Here’s The Next Crypto To Mingle

Source: DEXTools/TradingView

HEISENBERG has gained more than 60% in the last 24 hours, and the meme token has also increased by up to 30,000% since going live on Uniswap yesterday.

However, it is likely that such gains were the result of a contrived bombshell executed by the token issuers, with DEXTools labeling HEISENBERG as a scam.

This means that retail investors would be advised to avoid the altcoin unless they want to lose money, no matter how big their gains appear to be.

Instead, it may be safer to invest in meme tokens that have shown evidence of viability and profitability, with the Wall Street Memes (WSM) pre-sale now raising over $14.5 million providing a clear sign of interest. actual on the market.

HEISENBERG Meme Token Soars 30,000%, But Experts Say It’s A Scam: Here’s The Next Crypto To Mingle

As the chart below shows, DEXTools has labeled HEISENBERG a scam, with analysis of its smart contract revealing that it has a blacklisting feature (meaning genuine holders will not be able to sell tokens).

Source: DEXTools/TradingView

Supporting this classification, the chart also shows an unnatural increase in trading volume as soon as HEISENBERG listed on Uniswap.

This indicates that their experts pumped the token early on to inflate its price and potentially attract real investors, who would presumably stick with the coin while its creators exited the scene.

Also supporting the ‘scam’ classification is the fact that HEISENBERG has no online presence or following, which again indicates that any gains he may have experienced are coming, not from FOMO caused by social media, but from his issuers.

Nonetheless, while investors are strongly advised to put HEISENBERG aside, there are at least a few new meme tokens that tick all the important boxes.

One of the most notable is Wall Street Memes (WSM), an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that has already raised $14.5 million in its pre-sale.

Wall Street Memes has been able to reach such a figure thanks to its association with the stock meme movement, which instigated the GameStop and AMC rallies of 2021.

Indeed, his Twitter account now has more than 252,000 followersa very obvious sign that it has its own community of supporters, who will help WSM bounce back when it is listed on the exchanges.

Such a following clearly distinguishes WSM from scam tokens like HEISENBERG, which has no fan base or community at all.

Strengthening WSM’s community-related credentials is the fact that 50% of its supply has been allocated to its pre-sale, with 30% reserved for meme stock community rewards.

Such an allocation should incentivize a comparatively higher level of community participation, given that investors know that the token is highly decentralized.

New buyers can join the WSM pre-sale by visiting the official Wall Street Memes website, with 1 WSM now available for $0.0316.

This will rise to $0.0337 when the pre-sale ends, at which point WSM will be listed on the exchanges and potentially higher.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.