Guillermo Del Toro builds a monstrous cinematic universe!

Veteran Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro is currently building his own version of the Monster Cinematic Universe. The name Guillermo del Toro is certainly familiar to all geeks. Del Toro is known for producing many interesting and successful movies in the market. Some of them are Hellboy, Pacific Rim, The Shape of Water, and most recently the live-action Pinnochio, which released yesterday in 2022.

In 2023, it turns out that Guillermo del Toro is preparing a huge project in which he becomes the “architect” of the Monster Cinematic Universe. Even Del Toro is currently working on a live-action adaptation of Frankenstein, which will be the start of this cinematic universe. The film project also already has a number of names that are likely to join, such as Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac and Mia Goth.

monster universe guillermo del toro

In an interview for The Academy’s official website, J. Miles Dale, the producer involved in the Frankenstein adaptation, hinted at del Toro’s big plans. According to Dale, del Toro is currently working on his own version of the Monster Cinematix Universe, a concept he initially tried to explore when he was still working with Universal Studios. Unfortunately, the plan had to fail in the end.

At one point, he (del Toro) wanted to introduce the Monster Universe with Universal [Dark Universe] – The Bride of Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man, but it doesn’t. We feel that the Shape of Water is like a version of a creature (monster). So now, he’s starting to build his own Monster Cinematic Universe.

Dale himself did not speak further about the project Del Toro was preparing, so not much information is known about the plan. And the interesting thing is that the live-action adaptation of Frankenstein, in which he is working, is currently a concern for moviegoers.

It should be noted that Universal Studios actually intended to introduce the Dark Universe, which began with the release of the movie The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise. However, this plan failed in the end after the film was less successful in the market. So what about del Toro’s Monster Cinematic Universe? Will it have a better fate than Universal Studio’s version of the Dark Universe? Let’s just wait, Geeks, how this project will continue.

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