Gravik’s 3 big plans in Secret Invasion!

in series secret invasion episode 2 titled ‘Promises’ which aired last Wednesday, Gravik has just been sworn in as a Skrull General. In the MCU itself, the Skrull General is the highest position among the Skrulls whose task is to lead the people to find a new home after the destruction of the Skrullos Planet. Gravik got this position that was successfully wrested from Talos because he had a grand plan that guaranteed the survival of the Skrull people, namely to make Earth his new planet in secret invasion. Here are three plans that Gravik is trying to implement to achieve his goals!

trigger nuclear war

in the first episode secret invasion, we are immediately presented with the first plan full of intrigue and conspiracy pursued by Gravik and the rogue Skrulls. The character masterfully played by actor Kingsley Ben-Adir wants to spark a war between Earth’s superpowers with terrorist threats and smears directed at the United States. By detonating a bomb in Moscow that coincided with Russia’s Unity Day, Gravik and his men who disguised themselves as Americans managed to get the world to blame the country on Uncle Sam.

It was at this point that Gravik dared to meet with the Skrull Council and finally revealed his grand plans and goals in secret invasion episode 2. It turns out that the war Gravik expected was not just an ordinary battle, but a nuclear war that could destroy humanity both from the direct effects of nuclear explosions and from radiation that slowly extinguishes the human race. When all this happens, the Skrulls who are immune to radiation can take over the Earth filling the vacant positions in the world government until finally humans are pushed aside.

Creating Super Skrulls

Unlike the first plan that may sound cliché, it turns out that Gravik still has other big plans to reach the final destination in secret invasion. When it comes to Earth’s superhero-filled MCU live-action universe, it makes sense that in the end all humans would look to the Avengers to solve this world-class problem. But it turns out that Gravik’s second plan allows him to anticipate the arrival of the Avengers, namely with the Super Skrull program running with his scientists in the Skrull rebel base.

The Super Skrull program itself is an ambitious experiment that allows rogue Skrulls to create super troops with the super DNA they are collecting. So far, at least, they’ve managed to collect super DNA from Groot, Frost Beast, Cull Obsidian, and Extremis. By inserting this DNA into a Skrull’s body, a Skrull has the potential to have new powers in addition to shapeshifting. For example, extending his arms like Groot’s roots, super strength and stamina like Cull Obsidian, and spitting deadly fire like Aldrich Killian.

With this new power, Gravik and his minions no longer have to fear if the Avengers come to stop them. Because in the near future it’s not impossible for Gravik to be accompanied by Super Skrulls whose prowess is no less than that of other MCU superheroes and supervillains. The same goes for himself, who in the trailer can be seen extending his arms like Groot’s root power.

Beat Nick Fury

Finally, the big plan that Gravik is trying to implement in the series secret invasion He’s beating Nick Fury. He may not be afraid of the Avengers because he has Super Skrull, but when it comes to Nick, played by Samuel L. Jackson, maybe Gravik has an inside connection that has been weighing heavily on his heart. For Gravik, Nick Fury is the person who made him rise up after his parents died during the Kree-Skrull war. Especially since Nick vowed to find a new home for the Skrull refugees on Earth, himself included.

In the decades since the Skrulls came to Earth, Gravik may have developed feelings for Nick, whom he considers his idol and even his savior. Gravik was even rumored to have been adopted by Nick, who married a Skrull named Priscilla Fury. It’s this inner connection that drives Gravik to beat Nick no matter what. Because he then he can finally escape his weak self and become a true Skrull General. Specially in secret invasion Nick himself is the most opposed to the Skrull rebel cause.

That is the whole discussion about the three big plans that the Skrull General Gravik is trying to carry out to achieve his main objective in secret invasion. If one of these three plans doesn’t work out for him, Gravik will likely never be satisfied, even if Earth does eventually belong to the Skrulls. So, whether he likes it or not, he has to dedicate all of his skills and resources so that when Earth belongs to him, the Skrulls will never again be bothered by humans, the Avengers, and Nick ‘Motherf***er’ Fury. We’ll see later if all these plans can work or not, geeks.

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