Garp’s death will unleash a great war!

Garp’s death in the latest One Piece manga will trigger a great war that will threaten the lives of Blackbeard and his crew. After appearing in One Piece history for a long time, one of the strongest characters in the world, Monkey D Garp, supposedly died in his attempt to save his subordinate Koby. This happened on the pirate island, also known as Beehive Island.

Garp and SWORD members reached Beehive Island and managed to launch several devastating attacks there. However, a surprise arose when Aokiji attempted to defeat Garp. And another unexpected thing was when Shiryu managed to hurt Garp and it gave rise to speculation that Garp died at that moment.

Garp’s death sparks the Great War

In fact, the figure of Monkey D Garp is known as the Navy Vice Admiral in One Piece history. He has been dedicated for decades as part of the arms of the World Government. He already has quite a bit of fighting experience. The proof is that Garp already fought Rocks and his former crew on God Valley Island 38 years ago.

Then, for dozens of years, Garp also fought against other strong pirate groups like Gol D Roger or even Shiki. Although Garp is part of the navy, he is highly respected by many parties and even by the navy itself. Thus it was shown how Whitebeard did not underestimate Garp during the Marineford war and even made Roger believe in entrusting him with his son, Ace.

So how the various parties respect Garp, regardless of whether they are enemies or allies, shows that Garp is not an arbitrary figure. This then became one of the reasons why Garp’s death could trigger a major war. Garp’s death will cause these various parties to try to avenge his death.

In the previous article, the possibility of a response from the navy was discussed if Garp was actually killed. They would probably deploy a full-scale fleet to go to Hive Island and destroy it along with Blackbeard’s crew. Although there were SWORD members there, they did not come to save Koby and the other SWORD members, but to avenge Garp’s death.

This is also related to Blackbeard, who is one of the targets of the navy. Blackbeard is a Yonko who has a bounty of 3.9 billion Bely. Although he is part of Yonko, it is not impossible for the Marines to hunt him down. In that case, they would destroy everything related to Blackbeard.

Other parts that join

The Marines may not be the only party involved in the mission to destroy Blackbeard. As explained above, many parts that respect the figure of Garp, for example, are pirates. Garp’s death will likely prompt pirates who know Garp to move in to take down Blackbeard.

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Some examples of this are Rayleigh and Roger’s ex-crew or even Marco and Whitebeard’s ex-crew. The two pirates had a bad history with Blackbeard, where Whitebeard was Blackbeard’s former captain. It was he who killed Thatch and escaped before forming his own pirate crew as we know it today.

They may have lost to Blackbeard’s crew, but this time they weren’t alone. Because there are crews from other pirate groups that will help. For example, former Roger crew members like Rayleigh. Rayleigh also met Blackbeard on Amazon Lily Island when Blackbeard attacked the island. Rayleigh realized that his current condition alone could not defeat him. However, he has a chance when he combines his strength with that of others.

Revenge of the Monkey Family

Other than these parties, those who are also likely to join the big war are the Monkey family. Neither Dragon nor Luffy will certainly not remain silent knowing that their father and his grandfather died as a result of being killed by Blackbeard’s crew. This is what makes the Monkey family take revenge on Garp in Blackbeard.

Of course, Luffy will be furious when he has to lose his grandfather, because he is the one who helped raise him in the Fusha village. Luffy will use all the power at his disposal to destroy Blackbeard and her crew. So there is a chance that Beehive Island will be the next destination after Egghead. Might as well, they’ll fight somewhere else.

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Monkey D Dragon is one of those mysterious characters, where we haven’t seen his strength yet. Oda Sensei will usually only give a small preview of a character’s strength in one chapter and reveal it more clearly in another chapter. Dragon could show a bit of his abilities in the next few chapters.

However, he will show his true strength when he fights against Blackbeard’s group. This will be a time to prove why Dragon is considered a great threat by the World Government. And at this time we will also see the cooperation between father and son. Let’s just wait for this big war in the next chapter, Geeks!

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