Garp killed, it’s the revenge of the marines!

In the latest chapter of One Piece, Monkey D Garp is presumed to have died in the battle on Beehive Island and this will invite the marines to perform the Buster Call. Monkey D Garp and also a SWORD member are shown trying to save Koby, who was kidnapped by Blackbeard and his group. At first, everything went well and according to plan.

However, the situation began to change when Aokiji began to intervene against Garp. In chapter 1081, Garp seems to have managed to render Aokiji defenseless. However, based on what appeared in One Piece 1087 manga spoiler information there’s a chance Garp could end up dead. And this can trigger the wrath of the navy.

Garp finally killed

In the leaked information about the One Piece 1087 manga, Garp is known to have faced off against Aokiji. Garp’s former student attacked with his Haki ability, in which the Haki abilities of the two collided and created a huge explosion. However, something unexpected came up where Shiryu suddenly appeared and stabbed into Garp’s body while trying to protect Koby.

Garp himself then fell to the ground and delivered a final message to Koby. Although there has been no official confirmation, it is highly likely that Garp will eventually die. Garp’s death has actually been widely speculated by fans before. They said that Garp would die on Hive Island while he saved Koby from Blackbeard’s men.

According to his speculation, there are several things that are considered why Garp will die on Beehive Island. First, just like Whitebeard, Garp’s age is very old. In the Marineford war it was shown that Whitebeard’s health began to decline with her age. Garp showed no signs of declining health function, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t experience it.

garp died in one piece

Garp is known to possess all three types of Haki, including Observation Haki. It was shown that he was able to sense Aokiji’s presence on Beehive Island. However, what was interesting was how later Garp couldn’t sense Shiryu’s presence. There are two possibilities in this case. First, Garp’s Haki ability has started to decline. Second, Garp may have done this on purpose.

However, it seems that from a narrative point of view the first possibility makes more sense. The second consideration, it can be said that the power level of Garp and the other SWORD members is unbalanced. Some of the SWORD members have devil fruit powers, but their powers don’t seem too significant. Also, if you compare it to the devil fruit power of Blackbeard’s crew. It was this difference in power that opened up the opportunity for Blackbeard’s group to gain SWORD victory.

Navy Deployment Buster Call

The news about Garp’s death is uncertain and the navy still doesn’t know what really happened. As explained in the previous chapter, Sengoku and Tsuru didn’t even know that Garp had gone to Beehive Island. They were shocked when Hina told them that Garp had gone there to save Koby, who was caught.

Garp’s death will definitely draw the ire of the marines. One of the things that could happen is how they will initiate the Buster Call. Buster Call is a large scale navy attack where they will deploy a large number of fleets to go to an island. The island of Ohara can be an example of the genius of Buster Call.

Geeks may be curious, why then did the navy initiate the Buster Call? First of all, he is a sea hero where many higher ups know and know who Garp is. Kong, the leader of all the troops belonging to the World Government, knows Garp very well. Of course, he would not remain silent knowing how a figure who had served in the navy died.

Not to mention, Garp has some pretty strong friends like Sengoku and Tsuru. All three are Marines of the same force, so of course the two won’t stay quiet either. Second, even though Koby is part of SWORD where the army will no longer meddle in his business but neither will Garp.

He remained in the navy where Garp likely did not join SWORD. If that’s the case, it’s clear that Garp’s death would spark outrage from the Marines. And it’s not impossible that the navy will try to destroy Beehive Island, although the chance of that happening is very small. Interesting, of course, to see the action of the next armada.

SWORD will start openly

SWORD is an organization whose existence remains quite mysterious. Aokiji explained a bit about SWORD, where they are a Marine who has “thrown away” the beliefs and beliefs that were instilled in him before. They are given the freedom to move and perform any operation. However, the navy would not interfere.

Unfortunately, until now we still don’t know how many SWORD members, how they came, etc. SWORD has also been known to move under the radar alias without public knowledge. After Garp’s death, where he sacrificed himself for the sake of one of its members, SWORD clearly won’t stay silent either. They will find a way to avenge Garp’s death.

This is what then becomes the trigger for how SWORD will finally appear out in the open. They will likely mobilize all available capabilities and resources, eventually causing SWORD to surface and many parties becoming aware of SWORD’s existence. Let’s just wait, geeks, what really happened to Garp and what are the next steps.

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