FairSpin emerges as the best iGaming option with Play-to-Earn and Staking

The online gambling industry is an inescapable part of the future, with more and more people turning to online platforms to gamble.

In 2022, the global online gambling market reached a value of $63.5 billion, with projections indicating a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% between 2023 and 2030.

This increase is fueled by increasing investments in online gambling and the rise of live casinos around the world.

More than 41% of the market share is in Europe, in particular Italy, Spain, France and Germany, due to the legalization of gambling.

So let’s consider the opportunities and benefits for a player in a dynamic online casino world.

The Power of Player Satisfaction: Retention Boosters

Online casino platforms continually strive to provide and update multiple features for player retention.

These enhancements include attractive loyalty programs, personalized rewards, exclusive VIP offers, and a wide selection of high-quality games, promotions, and game portfolios.

With the convergence of entertainment and the potential for lucrative rewards, online casino gaming has become an engaging activity that satisfies both thrill-seeking players and those seeking financial gain.

The Rise of the Blockchain Game

Another driving force behind the transformation of the industry is the integration of blockchain technology.

It is rapidly revolutionizing gambling by offering transparent and tamper-proof transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, blockchain technology offers unique features such as liquidity staking and play-to-win programs, allowing players to maximize their future winnings.

Play to Earn Program: monetization of smart games

This is an emerging trend in the gaming industry, allowing players to monetize their in-game actions and achievements.

Taking advantage of this trend in games of chance, operators offer rakeback, or the return of a percentage of the bet that a user made, encouraging them to continue playing.

Most online casinos offer rakeback on players’ losses to partly recover their failures.

Liquidity Staking Passive Income Concept

Liquidity staking is an innovative approach that allows users to invest their tokens in a liquidity pool and earn rewards based on their contribution.

By providing essential liquidity to the ecosystem, players are rewarded with more chips. If you are looking for an online casino with all these features and more, take a look at Fairspin.

With a wide selection of games, its own token, and an unwavering commitment to security and transparency, Fairspin’s blockchain casino offers a gaming experience like no other.

TFS Token: Raising Profits in the Blockchain Casino Space

Leading the way in this space, blockchain casino pioneer Fairspin has implemented its own digital asset: TFS tab.

This unique token has transformed the way Fairspin offers bonuses, offering users various advantages such as rakeback rewards and opportunities to participate.

TFS Token Play to Win Program

As a growing trend in the industry, the play to win program is also successfully implemented with TFS Token.

Fairspin’s Play to Earn program allows users to earn TFS Tokens through an exciting game as rakeback for any bet.

Fairspin offers an exceptional rakeback experience for both winning and losing bets. Additionally, players can further multiply their tokens through the Hold to Earn program.

The stake limit for Hold to Earn = amount of TFS received within Play to Earn x multiplier (depends on the level of the loyalty program).

Within Hold to Earn, users can stake their TFS for 3 days, 1 day, or 8 hours. The profit generated within the program is determined by the number of tokens staked and the income earned by Fairspin during the user’s participation period.

TFS Token Liquidity Staking

On Fairspin, participating in the Liquidity Staking program with TFS Tokens improves liquidity in the TFS-USDT pool.

To participate in the Liquidity Stake, a user must have USDT in their balance and TFS tokens available in the TFS widget.

Liquidity Staking allows the player to choose how long to stake their assets and instantly withdraw any amount at any time.

The Liquidity Staking program payout is calculated based on the Fairspin casino’s GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue), the number of tokens in the pool, and the user’s multiplier.


In the changing landscape of online casino gaming, maximizing winnings is now within reach with TFS Token innovative attributes.

It allows players to enjoy a secure environment, transparency, and lucrative opportunities in the blockchain casino space.

This digital asset powers online gambling by offering Liquidity Staking and Play to Earn programs.

Join the smart gaming revolution with TFS Token today to enrich your future tomorrow.