Explanation of the end of episode 3 of Secret Invasion!

Marvel’s most recent series Secret Invasion Episode 3 begins to feature a more complicated story with various secrets being revealed and the following is an explanation of the episode’s ending. After what was shown yesterday in episode 2, Secret Invasion episode 3 finally revealed more secrets, especially regarding what Gravik is planning for humanity.

What is also interesting is that this episode reveals a lot of things that fans had asked about in the previous episode. An example is the relationship between Nick Fury and his wife, what Talos has been doing since the 90s with Nick Fury and of course what Gravik has planned by creating a super sophisticated machine on his base. And here is an explanation of the ending of episode 3 of the Secret Invasion series.

Priscilla’s Mystery Caller

As shown at the end of episode 2 yesterday, Nick Fury married a Skrull who also has his human form. In the latest episode, it was revealed that Nick Fury’s wife’s name is Varra, also known as Priscilla Fury. In this episode, we see a lot of Priscilla moments. For example, how she must face reality when she finds out that Nick is one of Decimation’s victims.

Priscilla also grew increasingly frustrated when Nick Fury decided to leave Earth and work on the SABER space station. The interesting thing is that Priscilla often receives mysterious calls, as shown at the end of episode 3 when she picks up a firearm that is kept in a safe. Unfortunately, there is no information on who the person she called was.

However, many fans have speculated about a mysterious figure named Priscilla. For example, there is a chance that the mysterious person she calls is Pagon, one of the top leaders of the Skrulls rebel group on earth led by Gravik. As one of the group’s top officials, Pagon seemed to have the power to refuse Varra’s request to speak to Gravik, asking instead to convey to him what Varra wanted.

secret invasion episode 3

What is no less interesting is that Varra may have a connection to the Skrulls rebel group, it could even be that Varra has a deep relationship with Gravik. Aside from Pagon, there is also the possibility that the person who contacted Varra was James Rhodey aka Rhodes. In Secret Invasion, Rhodes has a different role than before.

He doesn’t act like the Avengers or War Machine, but like James Rhodes, who is the adviser to the president. Rhodey has a more political role in the series. The theory that has developed among fans also states that Rhodey is actually not the real one, but rather Skrulls. He had long since infiltrated and become part of the Avengers. This theory is certainly quite reasonable and supports the earlier speculation about Gravik and Varra’s relationship.

Varra’s Betrayal

If Varra was then part of the Skrull rebel group, why would she betray Nick Fury? Is marrying Nick Fury one of his missions? It could be that Varra’s reason for betraying Nick Fury is the same as the other Skrulls who were disappointed and decided to rebel against Nick Fury and try to destroy humanity.

Priscilla had mentioned that she was angry and disappointed in Nick Fury, especially since he decided to leave Earth and work as part of SABER. As mentioned above, if Varra aka Priscilla probably has a deep connection to Gravik. And in episode 3, Nick asked if Gravik had been contacted or contacted by Varra.

Again, this gave rise to another theory among fans, where one that was widely discussed said that Gravik could be the adopted son of Nick Fury and Priscilla. When Gravik lost his parents and came to Earth in the 1990s, Nick and Priscilla were likely to adopt him. If that’s the case, then it answers to the seemingly deep connection between Gravik and Varra, and Nick Fury.

In addition to the possibility of her son, Varra could also be forced to betray her husband. Gravik can do bad things to force Varra to cooperate in destroying Nick Fury, for example, by threatening to reveal the secret of her marriage to Nick. On the other hand, Gravik and the Skrull rebel group try to take advantage when they see an opportunity if one of them marries Nick Fury.

G’iah’s death

One of the big surprises that came at the end of episode 3 was the unexpected death of G’iah. In fact, the daughter of Talos has been a part of the Skrull rebel group for a long time, as shown in the first episode. G’iah was also one of those disappointed by what Nick Fury, Carol Danvers and her father did to find a new planet for their home.

What also disappointed G’iah was the death of his mother, Soren. G’iah himself has the role of collecting information that can be used by Skrull rebel groups. However, G’iah eventually realized that what Gravik was planning was a huge mistake. He then contacted Nick Fury and his father and told them about the planned nuclear attack on the UN plane.

This became the trigger for a global conflict that later triggered the third world war. However, thanks to G’iah’s help, Talos and Nick Fury were finally able to thwart the plan. Gravik knows this and tries to escape his pursuit. Gravik himself then managed to shoot G’iah and he was seen to die himself. G’iah returned to his Skrull body.

secret invasion episode 3

The big question then is whether G’iah is really dead. There are several possibilities if we look at the final story explanation of episode 3. First, G’iah deliberately faked his death. This is to escape Gravik’s pursuit and help his father and Nick Fury, though he still has bullet wounds on his body.

Secondly, from the explanation of the ending of episode 3 above, it is explained how Gravik has big plans to introduce Super Skrull. G’iah’s body may have been taken and resurrected to become a test subject for the Super Skrull program. This will obviously trigger Talos’ anger and excitement, making the story even more complicated. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in episode 4 airing next week, geeks!

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