Environmentally Friendly Cryptocurrency Startup Raises $5.9M: What Does It Do?

The ecoterra green crypto project has reached a staggering milestone of $5.9 million in pre-sale investment.

The burgeoning success of this innovative platform is driven by its core utilities, which are dedicated to providing solutions to combat climate change, improve waste management, and address deforestation.

Holistic approach to climate change

Ecoterra is an innovative crypto company harnessing the power of blockchain technology to promote and facilitate recycling to combat climate change and global warming.

The adverse impacts of global warming and climate change are already being felt throughout society, leading to unpredictable weather patterns and persistent heat waves around the world.

Various green initiatives and projects have been launched to mitigate these challenges, including waste management systems, recycling efforts, tree planting campaigns, and more.

However, these efforts have faced obstacles such as the high costs associated with recycling and low market demand for recycled materials.

Recognizing that human participation is crucial to achieving success in the fight against climate change, ecoterra aims to introduce an innovative model called Recycle to Win (R2E).

The R2E model is designed to incentivize people by rewarding them with $ECOTERRA tokens when they participate in green activities.

These activities include beach cleaning, aiming at the removal of plastics, cans, glass bottles, and more.

Unlike traditional fiat currency, the $ECOTERRA token has the potential to skyrocket in price value and can be staked to passively earn dividends from ecosystem revenue streams.

The ecoterra ecosystem also includes other fundamental components. These include a robust mobile app powered by R2E, a carbon offset program, a marketplace for recycled materials, and a profile that tracks environmental impacts.

In addition, the platform will host educational campaigns to raise public awareness of the holistic value of recycling and the potential rewards that can be reaped.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Create Environmental Sustainability

He ecoterra project technical document It outlines his vision to create an adaptable blockchain-based ecosystem that serves a wide range of industries, including energy, technology, goods production, and green sustainability.

The platform aims to revolutionize the recycling industry, which currently generates $63 billion in revenuewith a potential increase to $88 billion by 2030.

This can be achieved through its intrinsic profits, green activities, and native token, $ECOTERRA.

Ecoterra’s R2E mobile app will offer members green tasks to complete and will reward members with $ECOTERRA.

The platform’s carbon offset program will allow individuals and companies to offset their carbon emissions by investing in green projects that reduce gas emissions.

These projects include planting trees, developing solar and wind energy, and educational campaigns on the importance of recycling in the fight against climate change.

Ecoterra aims to create a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that encourages increased demand for recycled products.

Here, recycling companies and manufacturing industries can interact, collaborate and purchase recycled materials.

Payments work with $ECOTERRA, fiat money and other crypto assets. Purchases made with the platform tokens automatically come with value-based discounts on trading fees and other bonuses.

Finally, the traceable impact profile allows ecoterra members to share their positive green actions with other members of the ecosystem.

In addition to these fundamental key utilities, the ecoterra development team plans to use blockchain technology to create more utility-focused innovations to empower green movements.

Enter the last stage of pre-sale: buy $ECOTERRA and earn a 10% bonus today

As of press time, $ECOTERRA is in its final pre-sale stage, with only five days remaining. The digital asset has raised a staggering $5.9 million out of a fundraising goal of $6.7 million.

Interested investors can act today and purchase the $ECOTERRA token for a discounted price of $0.01 via ETH, USDT or credit card.

A 10% bonus will be assigned for each purchase made before the end of its pre-sale to appreciate the contribution of investors to sustainability.

At the end of the pre-sale, the green development team will work to establish foundational breakthroughs and launch the green crypto on Tier 1 exchanges.


Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.