Drama Perfect Marriage Revenge Coming Soon

The South Korean television network, Maeil Broadcasting Network or better known as MBN, announced that it will produce a new drama series titled Perfect Marriage Revenge.

This drama series is an adaptation of the popular Webtoon series of the same name and will star Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min as the main characters. Sung Hoon will take on the role of Seo Do Guk, the grandson of the founder of a large Korean company and the CEO of a company based in the interior business.

Meanwhile, actress Jung Yoo Min will be playing the role of the adoptive daughter of Han Jin Woong, the president of a company called Hanwool Financial Group named Han Yi Joo.

The revenge of the wife against her husband.

The story will focus on Han Yi Joo’s revenge against her husband, Yi Joo somehow travels back in time after having an accident. After that tragic event happened, she decided to go her own way in life and ended the relationship from her previous life. Yi Joo then enters into a contract marriage with Seo Do Guk to seek revenge against her husband from her previous life.

In the original Webtoon story, the female character is Iju Han, who was once the heir to a successful business empire, but after marriage became an ordinary housewife.

Things take a tragic turn when she discovers that her husband is in love with her sister. Iju Han later dies in an accident after being hit by a car. He then wakes up, a year from his past before his life was turned upside down.

Sensing a second chance, he swears revenge and is determined to take everything he has lost in his life.

Sung Hoon And Jung Yoo Min To Play A Married Couple

Sung Hoon, who will play the male lead in the drama, is a former swimmer who made his acting debut in 2011 in the TV series. new tales by gisaeng.

Despite having no acting experience, the actor whose real name is Bang In Kyu was awarded Best New Actor at the 2011 SBS Acting Award. Sung Hoon also starred in many other TV series, such as The Bodyguard, Faith, Passionate Love, Oh My Venus.

The multi-award winning actor is also active as a Disc Jockey under the stage name ROI and has toured various countries including China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and even Indonesia.

Meanwhile, her co-star Jung Yoo Min made her acting debut a year after Sung Hoon in 2012 in the series titled Monster.

Yoo min also took on many roles in TV series, such as Red shoes, red balloon, hospital playlist, Itaewon class and the latest in 2023 in the series Famous.

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