Dragon Ball Mangaka Reveals Why Goku Grows Up So Fast!

It tells the adventures of Son Goku, Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama that debuted in the 1980s is currently considered one of the most legendary manga. Behind the excitement of manga, anime, video games and the media Dragon Ball On the other hand, there was a time when fans were curious because Goku, who was originally a child, suddenly grew up. Now that almost four decades have passed, who would have thought that the reason behind Goku’s rapid maturation runs deep? Dragon Ball finally revealed.

If we go back to the early days Dragon Ball Created for the first time by Akira Toriyama, in fact the success of this shonen manga did not escape the intervention of Kazuhiko Torishima as its editor. Torishima, who at the time was working as an editor at Shueisha Publishing for Toriyama’s comic titled dr depression, also helped with the birthing process Dragon Ball. Interestingly, recently in a book that tells the story of his life as an editor, Torishima explained Akira Toriyama’s words about the real reason why Goku’s character matures quickly.

The reason why goku grows fast

In Torishima’s new book, which reveals the conversation between him and Toriyama, there is an interesting detail that finally answers the reason why Goku is growing rapidly in the universe. Dragon Ball. It all started when the premise of the manga changed from the story of little Goku’s journey to a battle between great characters. Where the battle choreography is more complicated and detailed, eventually forcing Toriyama to draw Goku as a character with a larger and more masculine body.

Akira Toriyama, who at that time was already used to drawing dr depression with the comic characters of the comic story, he felt that little Goku’s body was not suitable for the new premise Dragon Ball full of fights As editor, Torishima initially rejected the idea, but Toriyama insisted on the manga. Dragon Ball You can continue. Armed with this reason, Torishima helped convince publisher Shueisha to turn little Goku into the adult version he is now.

As we all know, Goku currently has a much more mature body than his debut appearance with even more bombastic battles. And the reason why Goku grew rapidly turned out to be only because Akira Toriyama felt that the small body of him was incompatible with the brutal fights in the universe. Dragon Ball. What do you think about the reason why Goku is suddenly so grown up, geeks? Is it really necessary or not?

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