Does the MCU’s Wolverine come from Earth-838?

Wolverine’s appearance in the MCU Deadpool 3 film project has shocked fans and it is possible that his character is from Earth-838. Actor Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine after previously retiring from the character. This news broke last year, which immediately made a scene for fans who thought there was no chance to see Wolverine anymore.

Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the Deadpool 3 film project. This is the first film project Marvel Studios has come up with since its acquisition of Fox. The production process itself has begun amid a wave of protests and writers’ strikes. And the interesting thing is that there is a possibility that Wolverine in Deadpool 3 in the MCU is from Earth-838.

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Wolverine’s appearance in the movie Deadpool 3 is undoubtedly an attraction for movie fans. They certainly really want to see Wolverine’s appearance which is different between the MCU and Fox versions. However, many geeks may also wonder how Wolverine and Deadpool met back then. So where did Wolverine come from? And why then can they exist in the universe?

The first hint of this is, of course, in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. When Strange tried to prevent Wanda from realizing the reality she wanted, she got “lost” and went to another universe, namely Earth-838. Just like in the movie, Earth-838 has a contrast where, for example, they have the Illuminati protecting the universe.

There we see Professor Xavier, Black Bolt, Captain Carter, Karl Mordo, Reed Richards and Captain Marvel. Wanda herself nearly wiped out all of the Illuminati except Mordo. The second clue is in the Hugh Jackman interview some time ago. While in Paris, he was interviewed and mentioned that he would be playing two different Wolverine characters.

wolverine mcu earth-838

He also said that the outfits worn were very familiar and interesting. When later asked how Wolverine could later be in the MCU, Hugh Jackman himself said that this was a “comic book thing” or a “comic book thing” where there were different realities or universes. The third clue is the news that Elizabeth Olsen will return as Scarlet Witch for Deadpool 3.

And according to the report, the Scarlet Witch figure that appears later is not from Earth-616 but from Earth-838. And the most recent final evidence is the appearance of leaked images showing Jackman and Ryan Reynolds at the scene of the shooting. They wear Deadpool and Wolverine costumes. And what’s interesting is that Wolverine wears a costume that is his trademark.

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Previously, many fans suspected that the Wolverine character appearing in the MCU would be the Wolverine character from the movie Logan. This is a movie in the X-Men franchise that will be Hugh Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine. The speculation that the Wolverine appearing in the MCU is from the Logan movie is quite reasonable.

This is because Logan was the last movie to feature Wolverine, so the movie should be another jumping off point for his character. Even so, this speculation is unlikely to come to pass. The first clue, in the movie Logan, the setting of the story itself is a world where there are no mutants anymore. Meanwhile, in Doctor Strange 2, we see the character Black Bolt who is an Inhuman.

On the other hand, Deadpool 3 is rumored to feature various X-Men characters like Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. I mean, the mutants are still around. Second, Wolverine’s age in the Logan movie is very old. Meanwhile, according to the leaked photo that circulated yesterday, it shows Wolverine who is younger and similar to the comic version.

Wolverine could be a member of the Avengers

So Wolverine is a member of the Avengers on Earth-838? So far, there is no information about it. There is still no report if Wolverine is part of the hero team. This speculation is reasonable considering that Wolverine has joined the team of heroes from the comics. Hugh Jackman has also said that he wants to fight alongside the Avengers as Wolverine.

wolverine mcu earth-838

However, based on the clues available, Earth-838 may not have an Avengers team. Despite that, they have other teams of heroes like the Illuminati or even the X-Men. Why is that? The obvious clue is that Wolverine isn’t the only X-Men team to show up. This means that Earth-838 has his own team of defenders of the earth that we will see later in Deadpool 3.

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