Does The Last Of Us Part III start shooting this year?

Rumors currently say that The Last of Us Part III could start the filming process this year. The last of Us is one of the best games released on the PlayStation console. The game itself was first released in 2013 and immediately received positive responses from the people. They even considered this game extraordinary which made The Last of Us win the best game of that year award.

The sequel to the first game was released yesterday in 2020 under the title The Last of Us Part II. Although the response that emerged was not like the first game, this sequel was also very successful in the market. Many fans were curious as to how Ellie’s story would continue. It seems that the story about Ellie’s adventures in The Last of Us will continue in the third game.

A rumor surfaced from a Twitter account called @ViewerAnon, which provided information that the developer, Naughty Dog, was in the process of developing The Last of Us Part III game. This account has provided instructions on this matter multiple times. In their Twitter thread, this account also explains that in the third game Ellie will continue to be an important figure as in the second game.

the last of us part iii

Considering Ellie is still alive in the second game, it seems quite reasonable that she would still be a major figure in the third game. What is also interesting is that this Twitter account explains that “the big shot process will take place this year.However, ViewerAnon did not provide further details on what the tweet meant. Another Twitter user asked if the shooting in question was the process for shooting the game.

The Twitter account also responded “However you say it, they will do the camera and audio recording.“This can also be interpreted if there is a possibility that The Last of Us Part III series will soon begin the filming process, considering that Season 2 has reportedly been completed. Other than that, this could also be an animation project that is making a comeback after being cancelled. To be sure, we still have to wait for confirmation from PlayStation, Naughty Dog, and HBO.

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