Dead Reckoning sets a new record!

First released in 1996, Mission Impossible It is one of the longest running action movie franchises and is still loved by many fans to this day. Including the seventh movie. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One which is currently highly anticipated because it promises a more exciting story with action scenes that are no less spectacular than before. What is even more interesting, despite the fact that the film has not yet been shown, it is a film Mission Impossible: Dead Calculation has set a review record.

Again directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who worked on the previous two films, viz. rogue nations AND fall, reckon dead will tell the latest adventure of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt as he completes his most difficult mission as a top agent for the IMF. Where he has to track down a new weapon that seriously threatens the fate of humanity. So before its world premiere, the film, which has a budget of $290 million, had a closed opening attended by many critics. It was from here that one of the first records Mission: Impossible 7 born.

mission impossible record 7

Movies recently Mission: Impossible 7 has officially received a Fresh certificate from Rotten Tomatoes. Where cumulative reviews from more than 80 critics place the film in a very satisfactory position with a score of 98%, surpassing the scores of previous films. So, based on this, Tom Cruise’s latest movie is considered successful by setting a new record, both for the movie itself and for the franchise as a whole. Because this means the last four movies. Mission Impossible has managed to maintain a score above 90% consecutively.

As of the fourth film titled ghost protocols, So rogue nations, fall, until Dead Reckoning part one, Mission Impossible it received positive scores from critics of 93%, 94%, 97%, and 98% respectively. By comparison, for a class of giant franchise like the MCU, they never managed to maintain a 90%+ score across four movies in a row. Likewise with other successful franchises such as The Lord of the rings AND Harry Potter

it’s a new record Mission: Impossible 7 Does this guarantee the quality and success of the film? Only time can answer that. Typically though, a positive Rotten Tomatoes score from critics won’t be much different from the audience’s score when the film is released later. What is clear is that fan enthusiasm is enormous, especially next year’s sequel, titled Dead Reckoning Part Two will also appear. So let’s see how exciting it is in the movie. Dead Reckoning part one released on July 12 morning.

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