DC Releases New Trailer for Suicide Squad Anime Series

New DC Comics mainstays Harley Quinn and Joker are now leaving Gotham City for more exotic locales through the anime series. Suicide Squad: ISEKAI just announced by Warner Bros. Japan.

As the show’s official website promises, “The world’s most maddening creators clash in an epic, violent fantasy with the ranks of the strongest creators!”

The new trailer shows Harley Quinn and her partner in crime, the Joker, wreaking havoc in Gotham City before being transported to a very different place: a brilliant fantasy world inhabited by mighty dragons, heroic knights, giant orcs, and warrior men. pig.

trailers Suicide Squad: ISEKAI it also offers a glimpse of the arrival of Amanda Waller, the government representative in charge of the Suicide Squad, which may indicate that more members of the government’s black ops supervillain team could turn up.

The series will be a collaboration between Warner Bros. Japan and WIT Studio, a Japanese animation house best known for animating the first three seasons of attack on titan which was a great success.

What is isekai?

suicide squad isekai 2
© Warner Bros. Japan

Isekai, which means “a different world,” is a popular genre of fiction in Japan, though the genre has its roots in works from around the world, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of NarniaAND The Wizard of Oz.

In isekai, characters find themselves transported to a different plane of reality, either through some form of transportation, such as a portal or magical artifact, or through reincarnation after dying in the “real world”.

Traditionally, this is a fantasy world, but there are many variations on the theme. Isekai has long been a popular theme in anime, but the hit series sword art onlinewhich premiered in 2012, spawned a slew of imitators, leading some to complain that the anime is now too saturated with isekai.

Suicide Squad: ISEKAI It will be directed by Eri Osada (The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat), and written by Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:Zero) and Eiji Umehara (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song).

Akira Amano (Reborn!) and Naoto Hosoda (The Devil is a Part Timer) are providing character designs for the series. Kenichiro Suehiro ( Princess Jellyfish , Cells at Work ) is composing the series’ music.

For the cilers who are interested in Suicide Squad, expect the latest news of this series only on Cineverse.

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