Daredevil Crew Call “Born Again” Disappointing!

As we know, before Matt Murdock aka Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was recognized as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his character had previously made a stunning appearance in his solo series that aired on Netflix. First release in 2015, series Reckless it had aired for three seasons before the character was brought over to the MCU. Sadly, according to one of the original series team members, Daredevil’s new look will get the series title. Daredevil: Born Again in the MCU it is disappointing.

Originally feeling very dark and brutal in the original series, the Daredevil character was considered a bit changed by fans when Marvel Studios introduced him to the MCU. especially in series She-Hulk: Lawyer which feels lighter because it has a comic touch. The most notable change is his new suit that has a yellow color in various parts, as well as the character of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, who smiles more frequently. This is where the team from the original series, who acted as Daredevil’s stunt double, felt that his appearance in the MCU looked too bad.

born again daredevil

Recently on a podcast show ikuzo no scriptDaredevil’s stunt double Chris Brewster who is no longer involved in MCU series like she hulk AND reckless: born again, he mentioned that Daredevil’s new look is more cartoon-like. “Now that the MCU has taken over the character, I think they’ve completely screwed him up. If you watch She-Hulk, they’ve turned Daredevil into a cartoon. Everything is presented with the help of animation and looks very bad.” he said.

Also, Brewster compared that to what was done on the Netflix series. Reckless completely real, not CGI like in the MCU. “I like CGI to enhance the actual movement, but if there was no actual movement before then it would just become cartoonish. It’s just CGI with no weight. And that’s always what makes the action on Daredevil (Netflix) so good and deep. Because you can feel what Charlie is feeling, between the appearance and when he does the action,” she said. Brewster added.

Series Daredevil: Born Again it hasn’t aired yet, but through this statement it seems like Brewster is trying to predict what will happen next. On the other hand, fans are also hoping that Marvel Studios can further improve the appearance of the fearless superhero. According to the series of rumors born again later is preparing to be more ‘mature’ than Daredevil’s appearance in She Hulk. Hopefully, geeks, the series itself is scheduled to air in 2024 on Disney+.

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