Cinderella and Little Red Hood will investigate murder

Cinderella and Little Red Hood will meet and the two will solve a murder case in this thriller genre film from the Netflix original, once upon a crime which will be released on September 14.

The story, which is inspired by a classic fairy tale, is taken from a Japanese novel titled “Akazukin, Tabi no Tochu Shitai ke Deau” by Aito Aoyagi.

It tells about Little Red Hood as the main character who has to solve crime cases in a fairy tale world. The trailer released by Netflix shows that Little Red Hood meets with Cinderella to investigate a murder case related to Cinderella’s famous glass slipper.

Apart from introducing two iconic characters who are quite popular in the world of fairy tales, namely Cinderella and Little Red Hood, the trailer also introduces the character of the Prince. Where the Prince was later charged with murder and was arrested in handcuffs despite his protesting that he was innocent.

If this is acceptable, once upon a crime has the potential to continue with a story where Little Red Riding Hood will solve crimes from other fairy tales.

Maybe the pattern of the story will follow the story of the famous crime mystery novels, like the stories of the Agatha Christie novels, where the detective Hercule Poirot appears in various crime scenes with different characters but with the same detective character to solve. crime cases.

once upon a crime takes an approach based on classic fairy tale characters we’ve known for a long time and combines them with modern mystery-solving plots. Seems once upon a crime it could be a mystery new franchise for Netflix that has the potential to be successful and iconic.

Seems once upon a crime it may also satisfy fans’ longing for a similar genre based on classic fairy tales after previously appearing in the series. Once upon a time AND grimm which is quite popular. Both present stories with a modern twist based on classic fairy tales. And it seems that this kind of approach is being continued by once upon a crime.

Interested in this film, Cilers does not see the time of his presence from September 14, 2023 only on Netflix.

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