Cillian Murphy wants to be Ken in Barbie 2!

The news about the possible sequel to the Barbie movie has become a hot topic among fans. And interestingly, there is a Hollywood actor who expressed a desire to join. That actor is Cillian Murphy, who will play the character of Ken in Barbie 2. This announcement is especially exciting because Cillian’s latest film, Oppenheimer, opened the same weekend as Barbie, and the two films combined were dubbed “Barbenheimer.”

This news is increasingly highlighted after Cillian Murphy gave an interview to Argentine media, moviegoers. In the interview, the talented Irish actor stated: “Would you be willing to play Ken in Barbie 2? Of course. Let’s read the script and discuss. I can not wait to see him.”

Although Cillian has indicated his willingness to play Ken, it appears that there are no definitive plans yet for a sequel to the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie. Greta herself once stated in an interview with entertainment tonight, “To be honest, right now I’m concentrating on releasing this movie and I hope everything works out. After that, we’ll see what happens next.”

While nothing has been confirmed regarding a Barbie sequel, the initial movie has been a huge success. In addition to earning positive reviews, Barbie also managed to set a new record as the highest opening weekend gross for a film directed by a woman. According to the Associated Press, the film had grossed $162 million the previous weekend.

Keep in mind that Cillian Murphy isn’t the only actor who has expressed his willingness to play Barbie 2. Previously, Margot Robbie was also interested in reprising a role in the second movie. However, so far there has been no official confirmation regarding the cast that will be added to the Barbie sequel.

Fans around the world are certainly very excited waiting for the official production announcement on the Barbie sequel and which actors will be involved in this ambitious project. Barbie is an iconic character who has entertained generations, and the success of the first film opened up a great opportunity to continue the story of Barbie and Ken in even more exciting and exciting adventures.

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