Christopher Nolan Reveals Oppenheimer’s Movie Budget

Christopher Nolan revealed that Oppenheimer’s production costs were 80% more expensive than initial estimates.

Hello Cilers!

Who is looking forward to Christopher Nolan’s latest film titled oppenheimer? So before you see the movie, of course you are curious about how much the production budget was spent. In the movie using real bombs.

After months of predictions, the budgets are high oppenheimer finally revealed by the director himself.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film tells the story of the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer. The film has been critically acclaimed, becoming one of the best reviewed films of the year. But one thing is clear: this is a very expensive movie to make.

Recent comments by Christopher Nolan, revealing if oppenheimer 80% more expensive than the initial estimate. While conducting an interview with Variety, the famous director revealed that his film is worth 180 million US dollars.

“Its running time was two minutes shorter than Avengers: Endgame, so we’ll stick with that. I told (producer) Emma Thomas early on that it was going to be a three-hour movie.
I have to write a script that reflects that. Those are our conversations with the studio. It’s a great story and requires great talent. It’s a 180-page script and a $180 million movie.”

The initial prediction has been established. oppenheimer like a $100 million movie, but that figure still seems a bit low.

While 180 million US dollars is not ranked as the most expensive director’s film. That honor goes to the trilogy. Dark Knights his, the dark knight riseswhose manufacture cost 230 million dollars.

A full list of Nolan’s films and their production budgets can be seen below:

  • following – US$6,000
  • memories – 9 million US dollars
  • Insomnia – 46 million US dollars
  • Batman Begins – 150 million US dollars
  • The prestige – 40 million US dollars
  • the dark knights – 185 million US dollars
  • Beginning – 160 million US dollars
  • the dark knight rises – 230 million US dollars
  • Interstellar – 165 million US dollars
  • Dunkirk – 150 million US dollars
  • Principle – 205 million US dollars
  • oppenheimer – 180 million US dollars

Ever since Christopher Nolan changed the world of superpowered movies with the dark knightshe has yet to make a movie with a production budget of less than $150 million.

If a studio wants a Nolan movie, then that $150 million figure is just the cost of doing business.

But why exactly oppenheimera movie whose premise sounds smaller than some of Nolan’s other works, does it cost that much?

Of course, because a large part of that budget probably went to the cast of the film. A list that includes names like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon and Florence Pugh.

Also, add to that the fact that this is a movie that includes a re-enactment of a nuclear explosion and doesn’t appear to contain any CGI footage and one can see where that $180 million has gone.

It’s just a cost to do blockbusters big screen these days. as a comparisonThe flash The recently launched reportedly cost up to $220 million to manufacture.

So even though it’s a budget oppenheimer At $80 million above initial estimates, it’s still far from the most expensive movie this summer.

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