Check out what Wolverine looks like in his typical outfit in Deadpool 3!

The participation of the actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the film Deadpool 3 is some of the most exciting news in Marvel history. Who would have thought fans would have to wait years to see Jackman’s Wolverine interact with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Now, Jackman is back to deliver shocking update news by sharing a photo showing him wearing the exact Wolverine costume in Deadpool 3.

Regardless of the plot Deadpool 3 Still being kept under wraps by Marvel Studios, there was a rumor a while ago that Hugh Jackman would wear a faithful Wolverine suit like in Marvel Comics. As a reminder, Marvel fans themselves have never seen Jackman wearing Wolverine’s classic bright yellow suit complete with his trademark mask in the last twenty years. And now the fan’s dream has finally come true, as we can see in the photo below:

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Costume

The photo, which was shared directly by Hugh Jackman via his personal Twitter account, shows him walking on set with Ryan Reynolds. What’s interesting is that they both wear exact costumes of their characters. Where Reynolds looks exactly like a previous leaked photo showing Deadpool’s costume with an update at some point. Meanwhile, next to him, Jackman appeared very handsome in a yellow Wolverine suit that was no less striking.

Especially for the Wolverine costume that Jackman himself wears, at first glance it looks like what is often shown in the comics. amazing x men AND X-Men: The Animated Series. Where Wolverine’s costume is easily recognizable is the bright yellow color that covers most of his skin, plus some black in parts. The difference is that the live-action version of the costume Jackman wears has a long-sleeved model that doesn’t show his biceps at all.

There are not a few fans who hope to dress up as Wolverine Deadpool 3 this will be complemented by his signature mask. On the other hand, we must also take into account that this photo is only a small part of the scene that does not describe the entire film. So it’s not impossible that later in the movie Wolverine will wear a more complete costume than what’s seen now. Let’s wait for the surprise, geeks. Movie Deadpool 3 itself is scheduled to air on May 3, 2024.

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