Check out the trailer for Jason Frank’s latest Power Rangers movie!

Legend of White Dragon is actor Jason David Frank’s last Power Rangers movie before he died and the movie released a new trailer. The Jason David Frank figure is of course well known to fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is an actor who plays the figure of Tommy Oliver. Tommy himself is one of the most influential characters in both Power Rangers history and the franchise.

In 2019, Jason David Frank uploaded a mysterious project to his personal Instagram account. After being a mystery, it was finally revealed that Jason was involved in a film project called Legend of White Dragon. The upload shows Jason reverting to a white Ranger suit with interesting modifications. Aside from the pictures, Jason also uploaded the first movie trailer of him.

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It is known that The Legend of White Dragon movie has re-released the latest trailer where the show provides more information about this film project. The trailer itself shows Jason David Frank donning the White Ranger costume again. However, the costume looks different with various modifications made. This costume also looks darker and scarier than the usual version. Jason also appears to be fighting a mysterious figure who is trying to mimic his strength.

Interesting Facts Legend of the White Dragon

There are some interesting facts about the Legend of the White Dragon movie that geeks might not know. First, this film project is actually a personal project of Jason David Frank. In 2019 it was discovered that Legend of White Dragon is an independent film deliberately made by Jason David Frank in collaboration with production company Bat in the Sun. At that time they needed funds of around US$500,000.

Jason then uploaded this film project to the nobility site, Kickstater, where fans can donate to the film project. Based on this trailer, it can be assumed that the funds raised are enough or maybe more. Secondly, this Aaron Schoenke directed movie will be the last Power Ranger movie to star Jason David Frank. As is known, Jason died yesterday in 2022 for ending his own life.

This film was deliberately completed and became the last dedication to the figure of Jason. And finally, this film will also star big names like Marc Dacascos. And it is known that Yoshi Sudarso, Chrysti Ane, Ciara Hanna, Johnny Yong Bosch and Jason Faunt will also be present in this film. The film is currently in the process of re-filming after the death of Jason David Frank. And Legend of White Dragon will be released in early 2024.

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