Check out the ending of Marvel Removed GOTG Vol.3!

Movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 in fact, it has closed director James Gunn’s Guardians trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that doesn’t mean that the adventures of Star-Lord and his friends are completely over. In fact, many of his stories can still be explored in the future. Similarly, with villains like the High Evolutionary and ‘former villain’ Adam Warlock, who was recently seen in an alternate ending. I have 3 which Marvel cut from the final version of the film.

Speaking of High Evolutionary, before that, many fans thought that the supervillain, played brilliantly by Chukwudi Iwuji, had died in the end. I have 3. But what really happened was that before his base exploded, Drax had brought the Evolutionary to Knowhere. This was even directly confirmed by Gunn, who revealed that currently the Evolutionary is in the middle. “Prisoner in Knowhere”. And now we can finally find out what Gunn meant through a final video. I have 3 that Marvel erased, you can watch the video here.

GOTG 3 ending removed

Alternative ending I have 3 exclusively shared by light it begins with a scene where Rocket Racoon throws the Evolutionary into a prison located in Knowhere. Although the CGI rendering is still immature, it’s pretty clear that Rocket seems braver to take on his creator. That means he’s managed to get completely away from the dark history of his past. On the other hand, the High Evolutionary actually seemed very scared and worried that his future was bleak.

Then in the next scene we can see Kraglin introducing himself to newcomer Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter. When Adam said his name, Kraglin immediately suggested that he add a last name instead of just ‘Adam’. He thought he would sound cooler as “Molly Axe, Iron Maidens, [atau] Def Leppard.” It is at this point that Adam seems to have started adding the word ‘Warlock’ to the back of his name.

Interesting end of video I have 3 removed from the final version does not change the history of the High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock as a whole. Because director James Gunn himself has revealed the final fate of him, including Adam Warlock, who eventually joined the Guardians team. So if they do return one day, it shouldn’t be too surprising.

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