Chattanooga Film Festival 2023 Unveils Final Wave

Upcoming SCREAMBOX sci-fi horror movie Subject is among the densely packed final wave of programming for the upcoming Chattanooga Film Festival!

The Chattanooga Film Festival 2023 returns in person and virtually for its tenth year, taking place June 23 through 29! The beloved festival will return to an in person event for the first time since 2019, from June 23 through 25, while still offering a virtual experience from June 23 through 29.

CFF 2023 will be the North American Premiere of director Tristan Barr’s cerebral Canadian sci-fi horror Subject. Barr’s film also signifies the third in a trilogy of terror-ific special screenings presented by SCREAMBOX, joining previously announced films We Might Hurt Each Other and Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls.

Twenty-two features, events, and more join the packed programming.

For those attending in person, the main venue will be Chattanooga’s historic and legendary haunted The Read House Hotel. The hotel’s 1920’s beauty and the tale of Room 311, with resident ghost Annalisa, makes it the perfect spooky backdrop for the festival’s 10th Anniversary. The festival will also have various locations around the city.

Read on for CFF’s final wave of programming:


American Meltdown

Director Andrew Adams  |  USA, 2023

*World Premiere

Synopsis: A ‘Millennial Coming-of-Rage’ story about a young woman who loses her job and struggles to pay rent… Until she befriends a pickpocket who convinces her that the only way to survive in America is by committing petty crime.

*Virtual only

Bad Girl Boogey

Bad Girl Boogey

Director Alice Maio Mackay  |  Australia, 2022

Presented by Dark Star Pictures

Synopsis: One Halloween, blood was shed by the wearer of a parasitic mask cursed with black magic and bigotry. Sixteen years later, when Angel’s best friend is slaughtered by a killer with the same mask, they must overcome their personal struggles, fight their fear, and find the masked killer before he, or it, slaughters everyone they hold dear. Filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay made Bad Girl Boogey at just 17. The film is a gory throwback slasher with a very diverse cast and very representative of the trans community including filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay.

*Virtual only

Blow Up My Life

Blow Up My Life

Directors Ryan Dickie, Abigail Horton  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: A disgraced pharmaceutical employee accidentally discovers a deadly opioid vape conspiracy, sending him on the run to expose the crime with a trail of chaos in his wake.

*Virtual only

Brutal Season

Brutal Season

Director Gavin Fields | USA, 2022

*Special screening

Synopsis: In 1948, the Trouths are facing no income and the hottest summer on record. When their estranged son inexplicably returns, the apartment is full again – but is it big enough for the gambling, trauma, and substantial life insurance policy that comes in his wake?

*Virtual only

End Zone 2

End Zone 2

EuroContinental / Launch Over

Director August Kane  |  USA, 1970

Synopsis: Fifteen years after the events of End Zone, Smash-Mouth is back to finish off the cheerleaders who killed his mother.

*Virtual only



Director James Rich  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the past rises from the dead to claim its revenge. A year after surviving a brutal attack, a social media influencer and her friends find themselves once again in the crosshairs of a dangerous and relentless dark web cult, thirsting for retribution and willing to stop at nothing to get it.

*Virtual only

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury

Director Zachary Burns  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: A husband and wife separately and unknowingly plot to murder each other on the same fateful night.

*Virtual only



Director Andrew Legge  |  Ireland, UK, 2022

Presented by Dark Sky Films

Synopsis: In 1941, sisters Thom and Mars have built a machine, LOLA, that can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future. This allows them to listen to iconic music before it has been made, place bets knowing what the outcome will be and embrace their inner punk well before the movement came into existence. But with World War II escalating, the sisters decide to use the machine for good to intercept information from the future that could help with military intelligence. The machine initially proves to be a huge success, rapidly twisting the fortunes of the war against the Nazis. While Thom becomes intoxicated by LOLA, Mars begins to realise the terrible consequences of its power.

*in-person only

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit

Directors Alex Henes, Matthew Merenda  |  USA, 2023

Presented by Art Brut Films

Synopsis: An aspiring yoga influencer embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother.

*In-person only



Director Onur Tukel  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: Poundcake is the story of a New York City serial killer who is murdering straight white men in unspeakable ways. Podcasters are chiming in with their theories on who the killer is, what his motives are, and how to stop him. Is it all a hoax to garner sympathy for cisgender white men? Some people think so. Others find the murders cathartic, even funny. Are the victims finally getting what they deserve after inflicting centuries of oppression? Can the killer be stopped? New Yorkers must find a way to end the hate and embrace positivity instead. It might be the only way to kill the beast!

*In-person and virtual

Soft Liquid Center

Soft Liquid Center

Director Perry Home Video  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: A recently single woman moves out on her own, but her newfound relief soon curdles as alarming, inexplicable events turn her home into a house of horrors.

*Virtual only



Director Alexandra Spieth  |  USA, 2022

Synopsis: An urban loner fights for a chance at redemption when she’s invited to her estranged BFF’s bachelorette party.

*Virtual only


Screambox's Subject

Director Tristan Barr  |  Canada, 2023

*North American Premiere

Presented by Screambox

Synopsis: Compiling suppressed footage, Subject follows a man on his way to prison when he gets intercepted by a secretive government agency to have him serve his sentence by observing a terrifying creature in a close quartered, isolated facility.

*Virtual only

Summoning the Spirit

Summoning the Spirit

Director Jon Garcia and Lacy Todd | USA, 2023

Presented by Dark Star Pictures

Synopsis: When Carla and Dean decide to escape the hustle of the big city and buy a nice quiet house in the woods, they bring some big plans with them: start a family, grow a garden, write the next great American novel. Now their nearest neighbor is nearly a mile down the road, but a mile doesn’t seem so far when they find out that he’s the leader of a cult who claims to telepathically communicate with Sasquatch. Danger threatens their new home as the cult leader tries to get Carla and Dean to join his followers on ‘The Farm.’

*Virtual only

The Bigfoot Trap

The Bigfoot Trap

Director Aaron Mirtes  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: A journalist’s life is changed forever when he’s locked inside of a bigfoot trap by an insane sasquatch hunter.

*Virtual only

The Haunting of Hype House

The Haunting of Hype House

Directors Brandon Douglas, Matt Farren  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: With his brother visiting for the weekend, social-media star Jared Zenith attempts to contact the ghost haunting his home, but instead finds himself possessed by it.

*Virtual only

The Legend of MexMan

The Legend of MexMan

Director Josh Polon  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: Germán Alonso strives to create his first feature film, the fantastical sci-fi epic MEXMAN, in spite of struggles with his producers, an unrequited love, and tensions with a documentary crew.

*Virtual only

The Once and Future Smash 

The Once and Future Smash

Directors Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein  |  USA, 2022

Synopsis: In 1970, Mikey and William both portrayed football cannibal Smash-Mouth in the influential cult hit, End Zone 2. Now, 50 years later, only one can wear the mask.

*Virtual only

The Third

The Third

Director Manuel Lagos, Jr.  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: A couple’s fourth of July weekend is interrupted by the arrival of an estranged childhood friend.

*Virtual only

The Weird Kidz

The Weird Kidz

Director Zach Passero  |  USA, 2022

Synopsis: On a weekend campout, a dark monster terrorizes a group of campers who fall prey to an ancient legend and conspiring local townsfolk. For pre-teen Dug, Mel and Fatt, and Dug’s older brother and girlfriend, a night out in the desert becomes a survivalist horror adventure. 

Zach Passero’s heartfelt coming-of-age tale about growing up and surviving a night of terrors juggles frights, laughs and an amputated arm in this unique hand-animated joy ride of a creature feature.

*Virtual only



Director Anthony Edward Curry  |  USA, 2022

Synopsis: Facing life in prison, a hood dreams of the violent streets that forged his identity, but cursed his soul.

*Virtual only



Director John Barnard  |  Canada, 2023

Synopsis: Beth, a volunteer watch person of an isolated northern city, battles a plague of depression that transforms the few remaining residents into empty, zombie-like automatons. She discovers that by entering an alternative dimension through her own dreams, she’s able to stave of the illness during the long, possibly endless winter. But will her power be enough to sustain her?

*Virtual only


chattanooga film festival 2023 logo

Children of the Night: Music and Horror Panel

Join CFF, LVCRFT, and a ghoulish gaggle of special guests as we do a good and geeky deep dive into two great tastes that taste great together – music and horror cinema. From the synth scores of Carpenter classics, to DePalma’s Phantom of the Paradise. to the heavy metal madness of cult favorites like Trick or Treat and The Gate, we firmly believe that iconic horror is made even more iconic by great music.


Stretch that Buck: Film Budgeting 101 with Seed & Spark

Presented by the Tennessee Entertainment Commission

You’ve got a script you’re proud of, and now you want to bring it to life! But first: what should your crowdfunding goal be? In this workshop, Seed&Spark’s Meghan Ross will teach you how to build your first budget, utilize loans to make up your budget (conceptually as well as literally), navigate the ask, break down your script, and cut costs without sacrificing your vision. Make that dollar stretch!


Rustic Films 4th Annual Screenplay Pitch Competition

Presented by the Tennessee Entertainment Commission

Rustic Films producer David Lawson, Jr. is back and this time with guest judges Gil Adler and A L Katz. Chosen finalists will pitch their film for the chance for a mentoring session with David, which will include advice on next steps forward. If you’ve got a project you’d like to submit for this year’s competition, simply a paragraph write-up of your project to [email protected]. Submissions are open now and close on Thursday June 15 at 11:59pm PT.


Oddity Roadshow

Oddity Roadshow is an actual play TTRPG comedy horror podcast run by Joel Ruiz and produced by the Do You Validate Network. They’ll be putting on a live TTRPG show for CFF this year featuring a story about a haunted movie theater that is filled with ghosts of past guests, movie stars, and workers as the cast of Oddity Roadshow must find a way to help clear out the theater before the big film festival starts the next day.


PinPalz: Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow

For those attending in-person, join us for a special closing night party at the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum. Grab a pint, exchange info with the friends you’ve made and tell everyone you’ll write them on Discord as the fest continues to party on virtually. Our hope is an evening filled with endless vintage pinball can take the sting out of the bittersweet goodbyes.

*In-person only.

CFF Salutes Johnny Disco

Meet Hollywood’s most famous extra, Johnny Disco, also known as “The Invisible Man.” Disco has done and seen it all, from going cross-eyed in Steve Martin’s iconic film THE JERK to arresting ‘Kramer’ on an episode of “Seinfeld.” Virtual attendees will be able to join CFF in an exclusive chat with Disco to hear the amazing stories behind some of his favorite appearances in film and television ahead of the new documentary film being made about his incredible career.

Monster Squad Pint Night

Want to get a head start on the fest? Join us at Chattanooga’s own Hutton & Smith Brewery on Thursday, June 22,  to grab your badge (or tickets) and slam some pints with Andre Gower of THE MONSTER SQUAD. We’ll screen the film, have some special door prizes and hang as we all get ready for three days of on the ground mayhem. (Time to be announced.)


CFF SALUTES YOUR SHORTS (Student and Tenneessee FIlmmakers)



After Hours

Director James Ross | USA, 2022

Synopsis:  After closing hours in a department store, the night shift security guard and custodian encounter strange, unusual occurrences. Armed with only their walkie-talkies and overhead cameras, they discover a stealthy, vicious predator.


Director Chris Davies | USA, 2023

Synopsis: When a sinister entity emerges from the forest on a 1970s Halloween night, a young woman’s true motives are revealed – and her future is decided forever.

Crossing Tides

Directors Gabriel Liam Cook Henk | USA, 2023

Synopsis: A recently widowed older woman struggles to cope with the loss of her husband while adjusting to a life of silence and loneliness. As time passes, she begins to receive visitations from her late husband that shows a deeper look into what she fears and hopes for.

Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

Director Nattalyee Randall | USA, 2022

Synopsis: “Don’t Look Too Far Ahead” is a film about Miami native and first-generation Haitian-American college basketball athlete, David Jean Baptiste. Although privilege and wealth did not allow David the same basketball opportunities as many of his peers, he continued to persevere and create his own legacy. Watch as David plays the last home game of his college career at The University of Chattanooga and reflects on what’s ahead.


Director Rachael Porter | USA, 2022

Synopsis: An aspiring flower farmer planting her first crop faces opposition in the place she least expects it—from within herself.


Director Valery Garcia | USA, 2022

Synopsis: Guided by greed and naïveté, two young women take the extreme avenue of summoning a demon. They must now choose between their desires and friendship.

Morse Code

Director McKenzi Vanderberg | USA, 2022

Synopsis: After a loved one’s tragic death, Stefani uses Morse Code to speak with The Beyond. In her search for answers, she inadvertently discovers questions far more dangerous.


Director Edwin Loughry | USA, 2022

Synopsis: Two co-workers discuss a possible alien abduction.

Punch The Boss

Director Taryn Grace | USA, 2023

Synopsis: Doug has been stuck in a dead-end job with a terrible boss for years, but today he’s finally had enough.


Directors Ava Marie Howard, David Steven Smith | USA, 2023

Synopsis: 1866 – A year after the end of the American Civil War, a priest turned bounty hunter rests for the night with an emancipated slave he is transporting to be hanged, when a mysterious traveler stumbles into camp.


Director Trevor Hancock | USA, 2022

Synopsis: During his weekend cabin getaway to find solitude, Brett finds himself at odds with an obnoxious neighbor that won’t seem to give him peace. As the getaway progresses, Brett becomes less stable and begins to have certain diabolical thoughts about achieving the peace he so desperately seeks.

Stephen King’s: All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Director Bolen Miller | USA, 2022

Synopsis: Based on the Stephen King short story: A middle-aged traveling salesman contemplates his life choices at a shitty motel in Nebraska.

The Businessman 

Director Nathan Ginter | USA, 2022

Synopsis: On the way home from school, a young girl runs into a mysterious salesman who looks to instill the fear of financial insecurity and coerce her into selling fashion magazines for him.




Dead Enders

Directors Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker | USA, 2022

Synopsis: A disaffected, young gas station clerk on the midnight shift must learn to give a damn about something after malevolent mind-controlling bugs are set loose by irresponsible oil drillers.

Fetal Position

Director Joseph Yates | USA, 2022

Synopsis: A man tries to abort his alien pregnancy, in violation of the pro-life “Heartbeat Bill.”


Director Rebecca Sonia Berrih | USA, 2022

Synopsis: While FaceTiming her daughter, a mother spots something scary on the video feed that can’t be seen with the naked eye…


Director Ruwan Heggelman | Netherlands, 2022

Synopsis: Unknowingly, a girl enters the habitat of a tribe of killer gnomes during her daily run. Lured by mysterious glowing mushrooms, she’ll soon wish she’d stayed on her usual tracks…

Keep Scrolling

Director Luke Longmire | USA, 2022

Synopsis: While on TikTok, a young girl scrolls onto a haunted live stream.

Memento Mori

Director Izzy Lee | USA, 2023

Synopsis: In 1983, a scientist in isolation resurrects a dead colleague.

Mickey Dogface

Director Zach Fleming | USA, 2022

Synopsis: Halloween night, three friends high in a van, and an urban legend surrounding a cult singer’s mysterious death in a fire – what could go wrong?

No Overnight Parking

Director Meg Swertlow | USA, 2023

*North American Premiere

Synopsis: A woman fleeing from her abusive husband gets locked in an underground parking garage with a masked killer.


Director Dylan Ashton | USA, 2022

Synopsis: A seaside home invasion turns sinister when a young mother discovers her intruders have risen from beneath the sea.


Director Marc Bernardin | USA, 2023

Synopsis: Young Benjamin (Brooks Firestone) has spent most of his ten years on an airplane that almost never lands because when his feet touch the ground, rage spreads like a virus. But when a mid-air collision forces the plane out of the sky, it falls to his caretakers Morgan (Yetide Badaki) and Chris (Moon Bloodgood) to deal with the explosive fallout.

Stop Dead

Director Emily Greenwood | UK, 2022

Synopsis: When a workaholic city detective and her laid-back partner try to stop a disheveled girl staggering down the middle of a country road, they discover she’s being stalked by some unseen entity with a horrifying ultimatum: you stop moving, you die.

Tell Alice I Love Her

Director Jamie Carreiro | USA, 2023

Synopsis: Years after a world-changing disaster, a woman on a critical mission through the wilderness is forced to make a desperate choice.

The Inverts 

Director Evan Jordan  |  USA, 2023

Synopsis: An abductee assembles a collection of video evidence and testimonies from amateur researchers, which brings to light some startling revelations about the world we live in, before making a life-altering decision.

They Call It… Red Cemetery!

Director Francisco Lacerda | Portugal, 2022

Synopsis: Among the crosses of an old cemetery, two outlaws have a dispute over honor, companionship, and greed.


Director Gene Blalock | USA, 2022

Synopsis: A woman struggles with her identity as a charming late-night connection takes a dark turn.

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