Can New Cryptocurrency Presale IOTA20 Pump 13,628x Like the Original?

The new IOTA20 token brings new life to the original Internet-of-Things (IoT)-focused crypto project ecosystem, IOTA, and is the latest blockbuster entry spinning up on the ‘meta 2.0 version’ theme.

In its original form, IOTA ($MIOTA) provided early investors with a return of 13,628x when it reached its all-time high price of $5.69 after going on sale in its 2015 initial coin offering (ICO) for 0.00000133 BTC ($0.00041762) when one bitcoin was priced at $314.

The IOTA20 token has every chance of matching those gains as it sets out to give IOTA a welcome new start. 

New prospective buyers should be aware of the proven pulling power of the 2.0 version theme – it should not be underestimated. 

As the crypto market gears up for the next bull run that could be the biggest yet, new coins like IOTA20 that can project from the already existing mind-space of a current project, with the promise of generating similar stellar returns, are proving a profitable seam to mine. 

PEPE2.0 explodes 20,000%, IOTA20 to do the same?

PEPE2.0, XRP2.0, DOGE2.0, and BTC20 are just some of the most recent examples of version 2.0 coins that have delivered 100x gains or more for early buyers.

PEPE2.0, for instance, at its height, has returned 20,635% for those who bought at its listing price.

DOGE2.0 had an even more dramatic liftoff, returning 233,707% for early bird investors.

While XRP2.0, launched on July 23, shot to a gain of 82,646%.

Currently priced at 0.1743, ChatGPT sees a short-term price upside of 66% and up to 294% over the medium term to 2026.

However, the 2.0 version will have the advantage of starting from a low price of $0.00145000. Fifty percent of the total supply of 2,779,530,283 is allocated to the presale.

IOTA20’s presale raise target is $2,015,159, and the minimum buy amount is $10. There’s no time to lose to avoid disappointment.

ChatGPT IOTA20 price prediction ranges from gains of 500% to 233,707% in the medium to long term

We asked ChatGPT to provide a price prediction for a derivative IOTA2 coin, and it gave a medium forecast of a price gain of 500% to 1,000%. On a long-term view, ChatGPT reckons IOTA20 could return 233,707%:

Medium Term:

For the medium term (up to 2026), the provided forecast suggests an upside of up to 294%. In an aggressive scenario and considering the performance of coins like DOGE2.0, IOTA20 might achieve gains of 1000% or more. This would depend on successful implementation of its staking mechanism, increased adoption due to its revamped technology, and a continued bullish trend in the broader crypto market.

Long Term:

The long-term prediction is harder to quantify due to the numerous uncertainties involved. However, if IOTA20 manages to resolve the issues that plagued IOTA and becomes a major player in the IoT space, the sky is the limit. As a reference, DOGE2.0 returned 233,707% for early bird investors. While it’s not guaranteed that IOTA20 will replicate this, under very aggressive and optimal conditions, such astronomical returns could be conceivable in the long term.

IOTA20 introduces innovative stake-to-earn to create lasting value for token holders 

Some of the version 2 coins only burn brightly in the near-term aftermath of their listing, but IOTA20 intends to be around for the long haul. The team is planning for longevity by going beyond simply adding a ‘2.0’ suffix.

In addition to an expectation of a surge in interest and price appreciation for IOTA20, the team is also bringing staking to the IOTA world by introducing the stake-to-earn concept to the community.

IOTA20 staking is not to be confused with the staking now taking place on the Assembly Multichain (and the ASMB token), launched by IOTA as a layer on top of Tangle to address the centralization dangers inherent in the original construct.

Given the IOTA20 ethos, stake-to-earn is a much more straightforward business than its Assembly counterpart. 

The IOTA20 whitepaper describes the staking mechanism in broad terms: “With an eco-friendly Proof-ofStake model paying out rewards to participants in the staking pool, we believe this token serves as an accessible tool to maximize potential in the crypto market. Holders can use the usual MetaMask or other Ethereum wallet to access staking.”

IOTA20 is bringing simple yet profitable staking to the IOTA ecosystem and, in so doing, encouraging holders to stick around.

More staking details are expected to follow shortly.

IOTA solves scaling, but complexity held it back – IOTA20 fixes that

At its height, IOTA commanded a market capitalization of $14.93 billion, but the token price has since fallen 97% from its highs to $0.1747, even though its use case remains valid and it is arguably the most disruptive technology in its IoT target market. 

But the complexity of its technology and issues with governance have weighed on the project.

The IOTA Foundation, based in Berlin, and the wider community of token holders have been plagued by security breaches and architecture design complications.

What many of IOTA’s backers see as its technological strengths have become the focus of criticism – namely, its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-centric protocol. Technically, IOTA does not run on a blockchain – it has no blocks or miners. 

Instead, its Tangle technology requires that each node must validate two previous nodes before it can validate a new one. Transaction verification is ultimately decided by a centralized ‘coordinator’ noose operated by the IOTA Foundation.

Because of these design decisions, IOTA is a fast and feeless network, but it has also attracted criticism for its centralized approach, which among other things, can open up the network to attacks.

IOTA20 goes beyond Tangle technology and is instead built on the revamped Ethereum

IOTA20 breathes new life and impetus into the IOTA story by offering a token that is based on the revamped Ethereum blockchain and by bringing staking to the mix.

At this point, the IOTA20 team’s roadmap does not include details on how IoT devices will exchange data at the latency efficiencies required by such devices. 

However, it is from the outset primarily focused on providing a way to revitalize a brand and utility token that deserves to be more widely adopted. 

IOTA was at one stage a top tier OG [original gangster, to use crypto parlance) altcoin, but has steadily slipped down the market cap league table. Although it is still in the top 100, today it is ranked a relatively lowly 79th compared to the days when it was round and about the top 1 to 20 altcoins. 

A sizeable following in the German-speaking communities can blast IOTA20 price to the moon

For historical reasons related to its development, IOTA has a strong following among German-speaking communities.

Berlin, where the IOTA Foundation continues to be headquartered, is a hive of crypto activity at both the project and market levels. 

The birth of IOTA20 has been eagerly anticipated by a community that has seen many momentous changes that have led back to its growth potential.

IOTA was started by founders David Sønstebø, Dominik Schiener, Sergey Ivancheglo, and Serguei Popov in 2015, but as disagreements and challenges mounted, Sønstebø and Ivancheglo both ended up parting ways with the IOTA Foundation.

Based at the heart of Europe, the German roots of the project are reflected in the fact that the IOTA Foundation is set up as a Stiftung, a special designation of an institution for governing foundations.

A Stiftung is defined as “an institution/foundation which, with the aid of a property, pursues a purpose determined by the founder. A Stiftung foundation exists to give effect to the stated, non-commercial wishes of its founder, as set out in a foundation deed.”

According to Cruncbase, the IOTA Foundation has between 101-250 employees.

The breath of fresh air that IOTA20 brings to the space will provide existing holders of MIOTA with a way to help popularize the brand and, by buying IOTA20, benefit from the added-value differential IOTA20 holds over the original version. IOTA20 is an investment opportunity not to be missed.

To buy the IOTA20 token, connect your wallet on the site and purchase with Ethereum or USDT.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.