Burn the House Down Final Explanation, Successful Revenge?

Anzu managed to avenge him by finding out the truth through the evidence he obtained.

Hello Cilers!

Who has watched the Japanese drama on Netflix titled burn down the house? While it does feature a revenge story, there are a lot of takeaway messages about family, you know!

Other than that, the affection between siblings is also shown in this drama. More complete right? Well, because Netflix released the full episode. burn down the house in its entirety, let’s see the explanation finishing Burn the House Down under this!

Can Anzu succeed in completing his mission for revenge?

burn down the house 3

Anzu successfully completes her revenge mission against Makiko through the evidence she obtained from Mujina, the leader of Aliza’s fan community group (Makiko’s account name to display her fake life).

Thanks to this evidence, Makiko could no longer reason and in the end everything went wrong. Revealing the truth will have a negative impact on Makiko’s career, in fact, Anzu just wants an apology from Makiko to her mother so that she no longer blames herself.

Unfortunately, the next day, Makiko used her husband to distort the facts. Even if it was just for a moment, before the problem escalated.

The truth was revealed 13 years ago

It seems that what happened in the past was not Makiko’s fault, nor Kiichi’s. It is unexpectedly revealed that on the day of the incident, Shinji went to Anzu’s house to return the cardigan to Anzu’s mother.

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He accidentally saw a delicious curry, he also intends to heat it up. However, Shinji unconsciously burned the rag he was holding. The fire spread rapidly and burned everything. One thing on his mind, running.

On the day of the incident, many things happened by chance. Makiko, who previously wanted to return all the stolen goods, is suddenly given an opportunity when Satsumi’s house burns down. Testing will be lost.

The same happens with Kiichi, suspected of committing a robbery with his school friends, near Satsumi’s house. Of course, with this fact many viewers are fooled.

Satsuki Murata’s health recovered and he was able to return home

Satsuki Murata, who is the mother of Anzu and Yuzu, is described as suffering from dissociative amnesia (episodic memory loss that can last for several years, even years). This was caused by the severe stress she experienced after the fire incident.

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Anzu and Yuzu just want their mother to recover by letting go of the guilt that has always eaten at her for 13 years. Therefore, the revenge plan carried out was only aimed at getting an apology and revealing the true incident.

After everything was revealed, Satsuki recovered and was able to stay home with her children. Even though he doesn’t hate the real culprit, he still chooses to hold a grudge and doesn’t care.

Anzu and Kiichi’s relationship ends happily.

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In fact, the romance in this drama is very sparse and minimal, but of course, not a few people are looking forward to the further progress of the relationship between Anzu and Kiichi. Although they had been suspicious of Kiichi, in the end the two were able to have a serious relationship.

Kiichi gets a job and Anzu decides to help her friend Claire’s business. The two live happily together after the problems they went through. Anzu chose to forgive everything, forget the past, and start planning for the future. She of course her along with Kiichi.

According to Cilers, ending What is given is satisfactory or not? Or are there even unanswered questions?

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