Blue Beetle releases a new action-packed trailer!

blue beetles is DC’s newest live-action movie whose release schedule is just a month away in theaters. In this film directed by Angel Manuel Soto, actor Xolo Mariduena will play a young Latin American named Jaime Reyes who eventually becomes the superhero Blue Beetle after being chosen by the alien beetle Scarab. Ahead of the film’s release, Warner Bros. has just released the second trailer blue beetles which shows more footage of Jaime’s action scenes as the DC Universe superhero.

Previously, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn had confirmed that Blue Beetle and several of his supporting characters were a part of the upcoming DC Universe reboot. Based on this statement, we now at least know that the story outline in the film blue beetles it later appears that it will take place in the main universe of the DC Universe. Including the battle between Blue Beetle and her enemies Carapax and Victoria Kord, as we can see in the latest trailer.

New Blue Beetle Trailer

new trailers blue beetles It begins with a scene in which Jaime, accompanied by his uncle Rudy (George Lopez) and his love interest Jenny (Bruna Marquezine), discovers how to use the Blue Beetle’s powers. As it turns out, the Scarab that has merged with his body will only appear when Jaime is in a precarious state and has strong determination as a superhero. What’s even more interesting, most of the trailer shows more of his epic fight against Carapax The Indestructible Man.

For the first time, the character Conrad Carapax, played by Raoul Max Trujillo, is seen wearing his red super armor. The armor makes him appear more menacing with a larger body and deadlier weaponry. On the other hand, it seems that he takes orders or at least cooperates with another villain played by Susan Sarandon, namely Victoria Kord, a businesswoman who really wants the Beetle.

Based on everything that has been revealed in the new trailer, it appears to be a movie. blue beetles will focus more on Jaime’s family life. Where Carapax and Victoria seem to be targeting Jaime’s family, which they believe is the superhero’s weakness. We’ll see if Blue Beetle can save all the family members from him or not, to be precise when the movie opens in theaters on August 18, 2023.

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