$BITCOIN and $BITCOIN2 Price Rise After Uniswap Listings

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Bitcoin is making a comeback in an unlikely fashion, the surge in ERC-20 based Bitcoin side projects has gained significant strength over the past week as Bitcoiners race to secure new gains.

In the most recent development for the major coin since BRC-20 tokens burst onto the scene in late spring, a new carnation of Bitcoin tokens is attracting significant attention in the ERC-20 space.

BITCOIN ERC-20 Token Increases +9,500%


A direct token to DEX ERC-20 through the ticker Bitcoin has risen to become the #2 trending coin on DEXtools after a sensational +94% rally in the last 24 hours.

Fueled by an influx of $8.7 million in volume over the last 24 hours, the latest rise now brings total BITCOIN paper gains to a staggering +9,500%.

A growing legion of 6,700 holders demonstrates the appetite of investors eager to participate in the next leg of Bitcoin,

BITCOIN2 token gains +2,000% in just 3 days


This has been accompanied by the seismic return of another direct-to-DEX imitator called Bitcoin2.

Quick off the mint just 3 days ago, BITCOIN2 has already seen a magnificent return of +2,000% since launch.

This has also been fueled by an incredible influx of volume, with $2.2 million flooding the project in the last 24 hours, an impressive display of 914 headlines.

However, the initial success of BITCOIN2 may well be short-lived, as the token has entered a localized retracement of -9.18% in the last 24 hours.

Are Bitcoin’s ERC-20 Tokens Doomed to Fail?

Despite the growing popularity of direct Bitcoin DEX leads, many wonder if these unlikely tokens are doomed to fail.

In fact, it is not uncommon for direct-to-DEX coins to fail dramatically after considerable pumping, and even worse, with uncommitted development teams and crazy tokenomics, these problems can only get worse.

This is likely to be the case for both BITCOIN and BITCOIN2 (which has already started going backwards).

However, despite these concerns surrounding direct DEX offerings, there is still hope for an ERC-20 Bitcoin branch with longevity.

Introducing BTC20: A Genuine Bitcoin Branch

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Another ERC-20 Bitcoin project that takes a unique approach (avoiding a direct release to DEX) is BTC20.

A spin-off project with a difference, BTC20 has been created by a no-nonsense development team with an incredible 120-year vision for the growth of the project, already seeing a volume influx of almost $200k in the first 24 hours.

Better still, by avoiding the ups and downs that characterize direct-to-DEX releases, BTC20 is forging a dedicated community of holders through a novel pre-sale fundraiser.

What is BTC20 and how is it different?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a whole Bitcoin? Did you sit on the sidelines watching BTC hit another all-time high, pondering how much you could have made had it been around in the early days?

BTC20 is Bitcoin, but better… Built to stand the test of time using ERC-20 proof-of-stake technology as its backbone, BTC20 holds the promise of coining a whole new generation of Bitcoiners with the added promise of a network more ecological. and passive income generation.

BTC20 reduces carbon emissions from Bitcoin by 99.95%

In fact, for years Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model has received massive criticism due to excessively high power consumption, too often powered by dirty electrical grids that rely on coal-fired power plants.

This has been a major problem for Bitcoin globally, cited as the reason Beijing banned Bitcoin mining, in 2021 the Bitcoin network was reported to be responsible for 113 metric tons of carbon emissions.

An outlandish increase of just 0.9 metric tons in 2016, this problem will only get worse as future halving events and higher difficulty rates in the future take their toll on miners.

BTC20 is the solution to this challenge, offering a move to a much cleaner and less demanding proof-of-stake blockchain technology for future Bitcoin transactions.

But this is more than just a sustainable solution to Bitcoin’s dirty energy problem, BTC20 has become an opportunity to reimagine the way Bitcoin benefits holders.

Gambling rewards for Bitcoin through BTC20

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Benefits for cardholders will be delivered through a novel bet-to-win mechanism, launching in the fourth quarter of this year, offering the promise of doubled rewards for those committed to participation, with rewards issued proportionally to the amount wagered. .

The staking mechanism will seek to distribute a large number of locked tokens (a minimum of 14.95 million unsold in the pre-sale) in a gradual token release set to match the Bitcoin network.

The staking rewards are tied to both the amount of staking and the blocks validated, with 6.5 BTC20 per 1 block validated forming the basis of the staking rewards.

This can be seen in the example below, where if a holder stakes 5,000 BTC20 over a period of one year, they will receive approximately 3,285 BTC20 in rewards, with an approximate APY of 65.70%.

Source / BTC20 Dev. Equipment

At an attractive pre-sale price of just $1 per BTC20 token, interest is rising as Bitcoiner competes to secure a slice of the 3 million tokens up for grabs in the pre-sale.

Imagine the potential growth, if BTC20 earns even 10% of Bitcoin’s market cap (10% = $58 billion today), then BTC20 would be worth $2,790, an increase of 278,900%.

With a tokenomic supply that mirrors Bitcoin at 21 million tokens and a dedicated team of developers working on a 120-year vision roadmap, the long-term sustainability of this project could very well outlive the original Bitcoin itself.

BTC20 has already gained traction with top crypto analysts like jacob burytestament to the breakneck traction surrounding the launch of the BTC20 pre-sale.

you can read the BTC20 White Paper here to get acquainted with the next-generation technology behind this exciting project. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to connect early with other starters on the BTC20 Twitter here.

Don’t miss your chance to join the ranks of early Bitcoin backers – become a fullcoiner today.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.