Bird Box Barcelona (2023) Review

“There are two things worse than creatures, men roam the city without blindfolds” Lázaro (Bird Box Barcelona

Movie Aviary Barcelona premieres on Netflix on July 14, 2023. The film, with a post-apocalyptic theme, has been directed and written by Álex and David Pastor.

Continuation cleave from the film Bird Box (2018), which was adapted from Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel of the same name.


Since the attack of a mysterious creature, the city of Barcelona is like a ghost town. All who were affected by the sight of the mysterious creature committed a violent act of suicide.

One of the survivors, Sebastián (Mario Casas) travels and survives with his daughter Anna (Alejandra Howard). Sebastián meets a group that wants to help him.

However, Sebastian acts strangely and leads the people who helped him to an open area. Where is the area where people close their eyes so they don’t see the mysterious creature right now?

Barcelona bird box review (2023)

The people who were brought outside and forcibly saw the outside world and the creature, committed suicide. Indirectly, Sebastian killed the people who helped him.

Sebastian keeps doing this because of the influence of something. That his son was with him was just his imagination. He is influenced by the belief of Father Esteban (Leonardo Sbaraglia), who affirms that this creature is a messenger of God.

Sebastian feels that he is the chosen one, to guide the lost people in the world, to see the creature and save himself from the world. This belief brought many victims.

A small detail about the mysterious creature.

The movie goes on and on and provides a few more revelations showing the connection between whatever creature it is and the few humans who see it.

Barcelona bird box review (2023)

Aviary Barcelona it also reveals more about why some people seem crazy and are intent on hurting others and making them see those creatures and die.

However, the movie doesn’t explain what these creatures are, where they come from, or how they do all of this. It’s like the horror background isn’t important to support the overall plot.

What’s important, though, is a protagonist that we can relate to, feel attuned to on the journey, and that person doesn’t actually show up until the end of the movie. At that point, we no longer care. The rest of this movie can’t survive because there isn’t a main character with all his problems to survive.

The stories drag on and end up being boring and unsatisfying. The main focus of Sebastian’s mission is to kill everyone, it seems so boring that the ending is added with a little twist.

So in the end, I still watched this movie just to cross the finish line, but not to examine what actually happened.

Who is Sebastian?

Barcelona bird box review (2023)

Very bad cast, apart from the main role. There is literally no character that is right or good, or an evil character that you want to destroy.

At first we will think that the main character is evil, but there is something more terrible. The connection with a heretical sect that thinks that the creature is God, makes the plot chaotic and disorderly.

So, Sebastian’s encounter with various groups has no correlation with the past, at the beginning of the attack by mysterious creatures in Barcelona.

All the plots only lead us to the trauma of Sebastian losing all his family members. So don’t get excited, because everyone loses everything.

Ordinary images, less terror.

Barcelona bird box review (2023)

There were a few instances of poor CGI and in-universe story progression as a whole was pretty minimal and these two factors certainly explain some of the lower reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Compared to the first movie, the mysterious attacks are worse here. The plot template and the attacks have not been developed since the first film. Even worse.

A creature that we really can’t see to the end, leaving only pseudo fear. We are sad to see people with past fears and shadows of voices.

How could a creature that targets those who see it affect people who have closed their eyes? Everything seems to be offset by a deeper fear.


Barcelona bird box review (2023)

Basically, it’s the story that makes this movie flop. They executed it well, the acting was good enough to add to the suspense.

But, because we don’t care about the main character anymore and feel that he doesn’t like him, because he keeps killing throughout the movie, we end up ignoring the main plot as well.

The visual effects are acceptable, if a little flawed, not flashy and detailed enough for uncanny horror.

The violence feels inaudible and rushed. It’s emotional and horrifying enough to have a real impact, it’s exciting too.

Directed by: Alex Pastor, David Pastor

Cast: Mario Casas, Naila Schuberth, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, Alejandra Howard, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Duration: 112 minutes

Score: 5.2/10



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