Binary Captain Marvel Suit Leaked on The Marvels!

Leaks of Funko Pops for the upcoming MCU movie have started circulating on the internet. And in addition to showing what the Funko will look like, this leak also shows off the new outfit that Captain Marvel will wear in the movie. Since Funko is official Marvel merchandise, it’s safe to say that the costumes won’t be too different from Funko’s version.

In an image shared on Instagram by the funkochaseryeg account, the new costume worn by Captain Marvel in binary form is revealed. Dark colors dominate the costume. On top of that, this image also confirms that the kittens we see in the trailer are, in fact, Goose’s children. Funko’s box set also features the appearance of Ms. Marvel and Photon, each wearing new, darker outfits.

Goose looks pretty domineering on the Funko box, but that’s not too surprising. The cat garnered a lot of attention in the first Captain Marvel movie and has been itching to return to the franchise ever since he spat out the Cosmic Cube. It will be interesting to see how Captain Marvel and Goose perform in the movie, whether or not Goose has a larger role.

Although only a few leaks have been revealed via this Funko Pop, Marvel fans are still excited to welcome The Marvels. This film will be a continuation of the superhero adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features admired characters such as Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photons.

Subsequently, the thirty-third UCM film will tell the adventures of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, who must unite in the face of a new threat. Interestingly, the powers of the three heroes will be interconnected and they must learn to control their powers and work together. Of course, this movie will be a continuation of The Marvels series, where the bodies of Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers swap places. However, it is not yet known who will be the main villain that will be introduced later, considering that the trailer that was released a while ago did not reveal it.

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