Besides Roger, Kid has visited Lodestar Island!

One of the pirates in the One Piece story, Eustass Kid, is possibly another pirate who has visited Lodestar Island besides Roger. This is based on a theory that has developed among fans who are suspicious of how the Kid could discover the existence of the Road Poneglyph in order to get to Laugh Tale.

As we know, Eustass Kid is one of the pirates participating in the race to reach Laugh Tale along with Monkey D Luffy, Shanks, Buggy and even Blackbeard. However, fans have wondered about the Kid as to how he came to know about the Road Poneglyphs. This has led to speculation that the Kid has visited Lodestar Island after Gol D Roger in One Piece.

Polar Star Island

The name Lodestar Island first appeared in chapter 966 in Gol D Roger and Kozuki Oden’s flashback. In that chapter it was shown that Roger and Whitebeard had fought each other, before they finally decided to “make amends” and party together. At that time, Roger told Whitebeard a lot, including about her adventures on an island called Lodestar.

According to Roger, they had done something that other pirates had never done, namely, successfully reached the island. According to the information from him, Lodestar Island is the last island or the last island in the New World and it is the last island in the Grand Line before heading to the last island, namely Laugh Tale. To reach the island, a pirate must follow the instructions in Log Pose.

polar star one piece

It is known that all the different paths on the Grand Line eventually end on the island. According to Inuarashi, anyone who can reach Lodestar Island will find Poneglyphs containing the history of the world and its civilization. Apart from that, they will also find a route to the last island, Laugh Tale.

After Roger arrived at Laugh Tale Island, he realized that there was one more island that he had yet to visit. But, Log Pose itself cannot detect the existence of the island. This is what caused Roger to search for the whereabouts of Kozuki Oden and then translate the existing Poneglyphs which later became Roger’s first search for the whereabouts of the Road Poneglyphs.

Kid Ever Visit Lodestar

There is an interesting theory that the Eustass Kid may have visited Lodestar Island after Roger. This theory is based on fans’ suspicions of how the Kid later found out about the existence of the Road Poneglyph. The Road Poneglyphs are four important Poneglyphs that provide clues on how to get to Laugh Tale Island.

In the story, Luffy and Law found out about the existence of the Road Poneglyph after they arrived on Zou Island. Shanks, Buggy, and Blackbeard need not doubt this. For example, Shanks might know about the Road Poneglyph from the former captain, namely Roger. Buggy knew this from the criminal network he had built.

polar star one piece

The big question then is where did Kid learn about the Road Poneglyph? Some fans think that the Kid obtained information about the Road Poneglyph in the same way as Buggy, using information from the underground network or other criminals. Alternatively, Kid and his team question people who know Laugh Tale’s whereabouts.

However, his own theory states that there is a possibility that the Eustass Kid arrived on Lodestar Island before he was introduced to the One Piece story in the Sabaody arc. He later found out about the Road Poneglyphs which made him finally retreat from the island and he began to search for the Road Poneglyphs. The theory also goes that this is possibly why the Kid formed the alliance to steal a copy of the Road Poneglyph from another Yonko.

On the other hand, this speculation is quite reasonable. Because yesterday, at the end of the Wano arc, we saw how the Kid gave important information, namely about the “man with burn scars” who knows how to go to Laugh Tale. Most likely, Kid already knows a lot about how to get there. Unfortunately, he is missing something, so he has to go back to the Grand Line and New World just like Roger.

The fate of the next child

It will be interesting to see what will happen to Kid after the previous chapter showed how Shanks destroyed his group in one attack. The Eustass Kid himself currently has no ship and all of his crew are scattered. Kid himself was unconscious after being hit by Kamusari’s attack. Many are curious about the Kid’s next destination.

If you look at the situation, EUstass Kid seems to have no more chance to join the Laugh Tale competition. This is because the Kid no longer has a copy of the Road Poneglyph. If Kid later wants to return to the competition, it means that he has to take the copy of the Road Poneglyph from Yonko’s hands, which seems impossible considering Kid’s skill level.

So Eustass Kid could be a pirate who has reached the other end of the island, namely Lodestar, and knows of the existence of the Road Poneglyph. However, in the competition for Laugh Tale, his character cannot match the power level of the other Yonko. Other than that, it means that the Kid may know a lot about the world’s secrets and it’s not impossible for him to join the Straw Hat pirate crew.

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