Becoming a Green Lantern, Nathan Fillion must do this!

Cast as Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern in James Gunn’s Superman film project, actor Nathan Fillion promises something special. Superman: Legacy is one of the film projects that fans have been waiting for in Chapter One of the new DC Studios cinematic universe. This film project is one of the ones that most attracts the attention of fans, as they are curious to know who will play the character of Superman after Henry Cavill.

And after waiting for the fans, it finally became known that David Corenswet was chosen to become Superman. Most of the responses from the fans themselves were positive when they thought that Corenswet was a suitable actor to replace Cavill. Today, news broke that James Gunn already has cast cast to play three other superhero characters, namely Mister Terrific, Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl.

The character Hawkgirl will be played by Isabela Merced. Meanwhile, Mister Terrific will be played by Edi Gathegi and Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern will be played by Nathan Fillion. Talking about Nathan Fillion and Guy Gardner, the actor promised that his appearance would be in accordance with the comic version, that is, with a bowl cut. In fact, James Gunn himself confirmed that Nathan Fillion would have this haircut. “Giving my old friend Nate (Nathan Fillion) a bowl cut was probably the main reason I chose it.

nathan filling green lantern

In the DC comics, Guy Gardner isn’t the first character to become a Green Lantern. There are a number of other names that have filled this title. Even so, in the DCU’s own concept, Guy Gardner is the first Green Lantern to be introduced. However, according to media speculation, there is a possibility that Guy Gardner may not be involved in the next project in the Lanterns series.

According to previous reports, the Lanterns series will feature two Green Lantern characters who are quite popular, namely Hal Jordan and Jonathan Stewart. However, it is not impossible for Guy Gardner to appear in the story either in a cameo or have a major role. Let’s just wait, geeks, for more updates on various upcoming DCU projects.

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