Because of Oppenheimer, Matt Damon cancels the performance!

Matt Damon is a talented Hollywood actor who has often appeared in various major movies. In recent years, he has starred in movies like Air, The Last Duel, and Stillwater, as well as making cameo appearances in Thor: Love and Thunder and No Sudden Move. Before Christopher Nolan called Damon to offer him the role of General Leslie Groves in Oppenheimer’s film, the actor had told his wife, Luciana, that he would be taking a break from acting for a while. It was revealed that Matt Damon actually wanted to take a break from acting.

But the plan to stop acting was canceled after Matt Damon received an offer to star in Oppenheimer’s film. “This may sound exaggerated, but it’s really happening,” Damon said on the show Around the table with Nolan and his project mates Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr.

“I have intensively negotiated with my wife that I will take a break from acting for a while. I had a part in Interstellar, and then Christopher Nolan kept me on hold for a few movies. But I do business (with his wife) and I make an exception if he calls Chris Nolan. You don’t know (when he calls Nolan) if he’s working on a project or not, because he never tells you. He just called you out of the blue. So that was the moment.”

As a result, Damon ultimately did not give up acting, and instead continued his career in Oppenheimer films to play Groves, the general who oversaw the Manhattan Project, where the United States’ nuclear weapons were created.

This Matt Damon story shows just how strong Christopher Nolan’s influence and traction was as a director, that these major actors were willing to make an exception to their schedule and quickly jump on Nolan-directed projects. This underscores Nolan’s quality and reputation as a respected filmmaker, capable of attracting high-profile actors to work alongside him on his ambitious projects. Let’s hope for Matt Damon’s appearance in Oppenheimer’s film later.

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