Barbie predicted to win against Oppenheimer!

The exciting battle at the box office will heat up from July 21 to 23, the two most anticipated movies of this year, Barbie and Oppenheimer, will battle each other on the box office ladder because both will be released on the same date. But looking at the prospects, it can be said that Barbie is anticipated to win the competition at the box office.

Barbie’s production studio, Warner Bros., estimates the film will gross $80 million, but Barbie also has the potential to fetch an initial $100 million. Even when compared to The Little Mermaid, which has the same demographic target audience, Barbie’s current pre-sale ticket sales also outpace The Little Mermaid.

barbie oppenheimerWhile Oppenheimer, who was mentioned by Universal Studios, has a male and older target audience, he is projected to only earn $40-$50 million in his first week. Therefore, it can be concluded that, in terms of first week box office receipts, Barbie will surpass Oppenheimer even though both are forecast to have quite good receipts.

Naturally, because Barbie, as one of the world’s most popular female toys, has wide appeal and has become a popular culture icon for many years. Her presence in this film version is highly anticipated by her fans.

With predictions of high earnings and enthusiastic fans, Barbie is anticipated to lead the box office competition against Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer, with its historical themes and deep acting, may appeal to a more mature audience and to fans of the work of acclaimed directors like Christopher Nolan. However, with proven attractiveness and popularity, Barbie is believed to be the winner of this competition.

Movie lovers certainly cannot wait for the presence of this movie in theaters. Will Barbie really achieve the fantastic income anticipated? Or maybe there are other surprises waiting at the box office? Let’s wait and see Barbie and Oppenheimer’s exciting journey on the big screen!

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