Barbie & Oppenheimer Becomes 4th Biggest Weekly Box Office

Movie Barbie earned a global revenue of US$356 million, while Oppenheimer earned US$180 million and exceeded expectations with the film’s length reaching 3 hours.

The emergence of these two films coming together is like a trend that by now has its own term, “Barbenheimer”.

The two came together and continued to grow exponentially, and it propelled the domestic box office to a bigger opening weekend than previously reported and became the fourth-biggest box office weekend in national theater history.

Movie Barbie The work of Greta Gerwig, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, completely destroyed the box office predictions with a staggering US$162 million, up from Sunday’s prediction of US$155 million, which was already a record.

The film fell just 9% on Saturday to earn an additional $43.7 million on Sunday alone, which was enough to rank as the highest opening weekend of the year, surpassing Super Mario Bros. which earned an opening of US$146 million.

Barbie also now holds the record for the biggest debut for a film directed by a woman, surpassing the $153 million gross of captain marvel (2019) directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

The film grossed $182 million internationally for a sensational total of $356 million.

Warner Bros. President of National Distribution Jeff Goldstein wrote a press release saying, “This historic result reflects the intense heat, interest and enthusiasm for Barbie. This doll has very long ‘legs’.”

Barbie It was not the only surprise this weekend. oppenheimer it brought arguably more impressive results with a return of US$82.4 million, just slightly more than the US$81.5 million projected on Sunday.

Internationally, the biopic about the physicist helmed by the Manhattan Project grossed an additional $93.7 million, bringing the worldwide total to $174 million, which is an incredible amount for a 3-hour film that was shot in color/black-and-white for most of the movie.

Domestically, as an R-rated film, it was second only to Passion of Christ which has a loyal following that has been built before.

The viral “Barbenheimer” sensation that spread through word of mouth and trends on TikTok and other social media helped propel the box office to the biggest collective weekend since the pandemic and, more importantly, the fourth-biggest weekend in history with more than $300 million.

The Three Best Weekend Movies Of All Time Are Still Being Dumped Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War AND Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

the two movies Barbie AND oppenheimeralso received an “A” grade from CinemaScores, plus oppenheimer making IMAX screens sell out around the world for the next two weeks, which will generate even more money.

47% of the national account oppenheimer generated from the Large Premium Format, from IMAX that earned 35 million dollars from ticket sales.

These two movies are still playing in theaters, and for those of you who haven’t seen them yet, check out these two very interesting movies right away.

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