Barbie Movie Review Launch, Get Positive Reactions!

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s latest film Barbie received early to very positive reviews from various quarters. Barbie is one of the movies that many people have been waiting for in 2023. Barbie is a live action adaptation of the popular toy franchise, Barbie. This movie had experienced many obstacles that caused the production process to be delayed many times. And only finally in 2023, the film is officially shown.

This live-action Barbie is directed by director Greta Gerwig and features an original story. According to the existing synopsis, the film tells of the figure of Barbie who is going through an identity crisis and feels dissatisfied living in Barbieland. Finally, she tried to get out of there and try a new adventure. Many are skeptical about this film project, but based on reviews from various parties, the Barbie movie has received a lot of positive reactions.

awesome project

I’ve been watching #Barbie! The abilities displayed are truly extraordinary. Especially the costumes and production design went an amazing job to create the feeling that they are all Barbies, their Dreamhouse and a world that is really real.

As for the story itself, I’m a bit confused. I think the movie needs to better present the journey and adventures of Barbie Margot Robbie, but there are other characters that are major figures that need more screen time to really deepen the story as a whole.

Perfect Script Script with slippery appearance

barbie movie reviews

#Barbie is the culmination of an extraordinary story. The perfect script combined with skillful acting, especially by Ryan Gosling, is capable of turning a simple comedy story into a critical commentary on what is happening in our society, where the nuances presented are very interesting for those who do not judge everything from faces.

Funny, bombastic and very intelligent

barbie movie reviews

#Barbie amazes me and I’m being completely honest about it. (The film) is very funny, bombastic and very smart. Greta Gerwing managed to present everything according to expectations. Margot Robbie’s performance was amazing and Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu were really entertaining! The entire cast is amazing!

The Barbie movie itself is scheduled to open on July 21 in the United States, but in Indonesia the schedule may be a few days earlier. The various reviews and positive reactions from various parties certainly answer the doubts from various parties about the Barbie movie. And on the other hand, with so many positive reactions from various parties, this opens the opportunity for the Barbie movie to become one of the best picture candidates in 2023.

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