Barbie gets positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes!

Barbie, the popular Mattel doll, will soon be bringing her first live-action movie to the big screen. In Indonesia only, this movie will be released precisely today, July 19, 2024. And of course, this movie has received great enthusiasm from movie lovers. Likewise, film critics gave positive reviews to the Barbie movie, which promises a pleasant experience for viewers.

rotten tomatoes, one of the most well-known movie review aggregator websites, has published a series of verified reviews of the Barbie movie. At the time of writing this article, 57 reviews were collected and the results show a percentage of 93% (fresh).

Of course, that number may fluctuate up or down as the reviews add up in the days to come, but it’s a positive sign for Barbie as she manages to make such a strong impact on critics who have seen her previous movies so far. recently.

Barbie is a movie directed by Greta Gerwig, and this movie is highly anticipated by fans from all walks of life, especially those who grew up playing this iconic doll. This film presents Barbie’s life adventures that are full of positive and inspiring messages for the audience.

Some critics say that Barbie is capable of presenting a fun and joyful story. Stunning visuals and well flowing story are the main attraction of this movie. In addition, the performance of the cast was also highlighted, especially the appearance of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the main characters who managed to give a fresh air to the characters Barbie and Ken.

However, as with all masterpieces of cinema, there were, of course, some critics who pointed out aspects that could use improvement. Even so, this does not take away the positive impression of the majority of critics who appreciate this film.

With a positive response from critics, Barbie is ready to bring an enjoyable experience to the audience at the movies. Movie lovers and Barbie fans around the world can look forward to witnessing the exciting and inspiring adventures of this iconic doll. Barbie proves that the magic and allure of this popular doll isn’t limited to toys, but can also conjure joy and passion on the big screen.

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