9 facts about Lex Luthor’s Power Suit armor, like Superman!

One of the ways that Lex Luthor took on Superman was through the development of the Power Suit Armor and there are various facts about this armor. Lex Luthor is Superman’s nemesis in the DC Comics stories. It can be said that the character of Lex Luthor is very interesting, because he is basically a human who can later become Superman’s main enemy.

This is certainly different from Batman, who more often takes on human characters, though it’s not uncommon for him to take on cosmic villainous characters like Darkseid. One way for Lex to take on Superman is by making an armor called the Power Suit. There are several facts about this armor made by Lex Luthor. Anything?

Has different types of kryptonite

Lex Luthor's Power Suit

The first fact about Lex Luthor’s Power Suit Armor is that this armor is equipped with various types of Kryptonite. As geeks know, Kryptonite is one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses and in comic book history there are several types of Kryptonite that can make Superman weak. This is what Lex Luthor then tries to take advantage of.

Lex was able to feature green kryptonite on his right thumb, red kryptonite on his right index finger, blue kryptonite on his right ring finger, and black kryptonite on his right little finger. Lex can also fire ordinary energy attacks or Kryptonite energy attacks from this armor, so basically the Power Suit is not only dangerous for Superman but for the entire Kryptonian nation.

He has several kryptonite weapons

In addition to being able to project or use various types of Kryptonians on his right arm, Lex Luthor’s Power Suit armor also has various weapons that he uses to take on Superman. And of course the various weapons are coated or have a coating of green Kryptonite. Aside from the weapons, this armor is apparently equipped with a Kryptonite defense system. If Superman is close, Lex will use a powerful Kryptonite attack.

Be aware of yourself

Lex Luthor's Power Suit

One of the interesting facts about this Power Suit Armor is that it has its own consciousness. Therefore, the armor can move and determine what the next step is without the need for instructions from Lex. On the other hand, since the Power Suit Armor has its own consciousness or intelligence, Lex Luthor doesn’t always have to use this armor to wreak havoc. An example of this is when Lex Luthor falls from a height, this armor will fly up and immediately save him. This armor has another unique ability to change shape as needed.

Create illusions and do hypnosis

Speaking of Power Suit Armor having its own consciousness, this armor also has a unique ability related to mental strength. Power Suit Armor can present an illusion that it is real in order to fool or trick Superman. For example, this armor can create the illusion that Lex is having Superman chase him.

And this allows Lex Luthor to go elsewhere or do other bad things. In addition to projecting an illusion, the Power Suit Armor can also perform a kind of hypnosis on Superman. This is related to the illusion that is created. The armor will give hints to the victim which are then illustrated in an illusion.

two dimensional trap

Lex Luthor's Power Suit

One of the unique and unusual powers that the Power Suit Armor possesses is the ability to change a person from three dimensions to two dimensions. Superman once managed to get trapped in this ability, where he later managed to get out thanks to all of his power by breaking the trap. However, this ability never appears again in any story because basically this ability is pretty weird even though it may sound effective against enemies that aren’t as strong as Superman. CONTINUES ON PAGE 2.

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