9 Comics Created by Celebrities!

People rarely know that there are various comic book titles that were made by Hollywood celebrities and even musicians. Geeks can find out more about epic comic book titles, both from DC and Marvel, created by names that have been in the field for a long time. For example, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison and many others.

They have a specialty in making funny stories or characters. However, rarely do people know that Hollywood celebrities can do or write comedic stories. In fact, there are several comic book titles that are made by celebrities. Anything? Here is the list.

Hidden Crimes Task Force

In fact, the name of Rosario Dawson can be widely known as an actress who often plays comedic characters. The most popular and recent is how she plays one of the popular Jedi, Ahsoka Tano. in The Mandalorian series. One of the reasons Rosario Dawson went on to play so many comic book characters is because she’s a comic book fan herself.

What’s notable is that in addition to playing comic book characters and reading comics, Rosario Dawson also created a comic called Occult Crimes Timeforce. The story tells of Sophia Ortiz who is a police officer and has to deal with mystical and supernatural things. Although the comic is only four volumes long, the movie and TV series rights were purchased for the comic.

house of gold and bones

The name Corey Taylor may be more familiar to fans of music, especially metal music. Corey is the lead singer of the band Slipknot. In addition to being good at composing music and lyrics, Corey also happens to have a talent for coming up with comedic stories. The title of the comic created by Corey Taylor is House Of Gold & Bones. What’s interesting is that this comic features a story taken from another album by Corey’s band.

It is known that apart from the band Slipknot, Corey is also the vocalist of the band Stones Sour. He wrote 23 songs on the band’s House Of Gold & Bones album. The album title he then collaborated with a comic he also wrote himself where the story delves into the stories contained in the songs on the album.

the umbrella academy

Geeks, of course, have heard of The Umbrella Academy. This is a series that is broadcast on the Netflix streaming platform, where this series is an adaptation of the comic of the same title. However, in fact, many do not know and do not know that the author of the comic The Umbrella Academy turns out to be a very popular name, namely Gerard Way.

comics made by celebrities

Gerard Way is the vocalist of the emo band My Chemical Romance, whose popular song is ‘The Black Parade’ or ‘Teenagers’. It is known that the Umbrella Academy comic itself has just released three comic book titles in which the fourth title is The Sparrow Academy. The interesting thing is that this is a theme in season 3 of the TV series. And it is still unknown when Gerard will finish his comic.

mother of madness

The British actress, Emilia Clarke, is a figure who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones series. Emilia also joined the Star Wars franchise and most recently joined the MCU and has a major role in the Secret Invasion series. However, not many people know that Emilia Clarke is the author of the Mother of Madness comic published by Image Comics.

comics made by celebrities

Like Occult Crimes Taskforce, Mother of Madness only released three volumes. However, what is interesting is that the response to this comic was very positive. One reason is because these superheroes relate to the readers. Mother of Madness is a comic that tells of a superheroine whose unique character is the source of her superpowers that come from her monthly menstrual calendar.

Thor Annual #1 and Drax

In 2015, Marvel Comics released a comic book title, ‘Tales of Thunder’, which consisted of three stories from three different Thors. What’s interesting is that one of the writers for the Thor comic turned out to be the popular WWE wrestler CM Punk. In the story, Thor is shown to be very young and not yet able to wield Mjolnir. What is unique, Thor then tries to prove that he is a screen by challenging Mephisto.

Thor challenges Mephisto to a drinking contest. Marvel Comics seemed to see great potential in CM Punk, so at the end of the same year he was given the opportunity to write a comic story and not just a one-off. CM Punk wrote a comic for Drax that features his adventures when he’s not with the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Drax comics are known to have 11 volumes.


In fact, the figure of Keanu Reeves has become a prima donna in the Hollywood industry. The actor who plays John Wick and Neo is considered one of the most likeable and down-to-earth celebrities. One of the pieces of evidence is how Keanu once participated in a charity event on a crowdfunding site. Reeves wrote a comic called BRZRKR and this comic was considered a huge success.

comics made by celebritiesThe sale of this comic reportedly managed to raise donations of 1.4 million US dollars. This made BRZRKR one of the most successful and expensive comics ever. The story itself centers on a mercenary who works for the American government. However, he was too brutal to cooperate with the others. This is a comic that combines elements of John Wick and Wolverine. Also, what is interesting is that in 2021 there is news that the movie BRZRKR is being made for the Netflix platform, in which Keanu is the protagonist.


BOOM! Studios is the comic book publisher behind Power Rangers and other names, but they have also published comics written by celebrities, namely Cold Space. This is a comic title created by veteran Hollywood celebrity Samuel L. Jackson. Many geeks may know Jackson better as Nick Fury in the MCU franchise.

comics made by celebrities

Samuel L. Jackson is also the inspiration for the Ultimates version of Nick Fury. Many may not suspect that Jackson is also a comic book writer. Cold Space itself tells of a character named Mulberry whose appearance is very similar to Nick Fury’s character. Mulberry arrives on an alien planet where it turns out that he is caught up in an alien civil war on that planet.

the black pearls

In 1996, the figure of Mark Hamill wrote a script titled The Black Pearl. Supposedly, the script became the capital of his directorial debut. However, due to differences on the creative side of the film studio at the time, Mark Hamill eventually took a creative approach to the script by dividing it into five comedic stories.

The story itself centers on the figure of Luther Drake, a vigilante who battles the evil demons within him while avoiding the spotlight of the media. Hamill himself once explained about his comic that The Black Pearl does not feature a superhero element and instead features other elements.

voodoo boy

Nicholas Cage is in fact one of the celebrities who is a huge fan of comics. Actual proof of this is that he named one of his sons Kal-El. He also almost played Superman in a movie directed by Tim Burton. And then he played the Johnny Blaze character in two of the Ghost Rider movies.

comics made by celebrities

As it turns out, Nicholas Cage once created a comic with one of his other children, Weston, titled Voodoo Child. What should be noted is that Cage and his son only came up with the idea for the comic. Meanwhile, the story itself was written by Mike Carey. This horror comic is set in New Orleans and tells the story of a detective named Robert Julien who investigates the disappearance of several girls. However, he instead found a mysterious energy and various other oddities.

It turns out that Hollywood celebrities have hidden talents that few people know about for writing comedic stories. This is evident in various comic book titles that were created and even written by celebrities. Although they only did so on a limited and brief basis in the end, it is not impossible that they will write stories again in the future.

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