8 terrible secrets in the anime world!

Although the plot of an anime is sometimes very lighthearted or full of motivation, it is not uncommon for a terrible secret to appear in the middle or at the end of the story. Just like fictional stories in other media, anime also sometimes have big secrets hidden in their world or story plot. The secret is usually held tight at first.

However, towards the end of the story, various irregularities and oddities arise that lead to the discovery of several dark secrets that have been kept hidden until now. This secret clearly shocked the audience, as they did not expect something as terrible as this to happen. Here is a terrible secret that exists in the world of anime.

robin’s past

The terrible secret in the world of the first anime is one that many fans are aware of, especially One Piece fans. A few decades ago, Nico Robin’s home, the island of Ohara, suffered a terrible fate. The World Government invaded and destroyed the island because they were deemed to be doing something forbidden, namely researching the Poneglyphs.

Deemed a threat, the World Government initiated a Buster Call in which the navy destroyed everything on the island, including the residents. This dark secret the World Government has been trying to cover up for a long time, where only Nico Robin and some characters know about this terrible event. Robin himself was traumatized by this.

Hinamizawa’s Curse

Also known as When They Cry, the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni anime series may not at first seem like an overall gruesome and horror anime series. The story itself features more everyday life themes and the series is also supported by cute and attractive character designs. However, there is a terrible secret in this anime story.

terrible secrets anime

In the middle of the story, it is shown that the residents of the town where the characters live are slowly decreasing. The terrible thing is that these residents sadistically died. It turns out that the main characters of the story are to blame. They are exposed to a syndrome or curse called the ‘Hinamizawa curse’ in which they lose consciousness and become terrible murderers. One character manages to survive this curse, but every time he changes the timeline and tries to save his friends, he always fails.


Like the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni anime, the Deca-Dence anime was originally an interesting anime. Furthermore, the images presented in the story are truly extraordinary. Deca-Dence itself tells the story of human efforts doing everything possible to survive the attacks of the terrible figure of Gadoll. The Gadolls continued to attack the towns where they lived.

However, a terrible secret is then revealed in this anime where everything that happened was a fake event. In fact, everything that happened in the anime was a video game for the cyborgs. For the cyborgs, the human struggle to survive the Gadoll monster is an entertainment in itself. To them, humans are worthless and nothing more than entertainment that they can treat as they please.

Sibyl system

Psycho-Pass presents a story in which a security force tries to stop a crime from happening, even before it happens. To make this happen, they built a system called the Sibyl System. This system is a hive mind that determines the moral and criminal intentions of the entire population.

terrible secrets anime

At the climax of the story, the audience is shown another side or weakness of the system. The terrible thing is that the Sibyl System is a system made up of a collection of human brains, especially the brains of criminals. Those who tried to discover the truth about the Sibyl System disappeared one by one in search of safe secrets.

The Terrible Secrets of Paradis Island

In addition to the secret about Ohara, another terrible secret in the world of popular anime is about the island of Paradis in the Attack on Titan story. At the beginning of the anime story, it is shown how humans seem to live in an era. The interesting thing is that the island is surrounded by a great wall. Apparently, there is a terrible secret behind the wall where the Titans roam.

Furthermore, for hundreds of years the inhabitants of the island of Paradis never knew that they were actually descendants of the Eldians. And the Eldians themselves are the mortal enemies of the Marleys. They have been at war with each other for a long time, even these two nations are fighting for the power of the Titan. Paradis Island also holds its own dark secret, where the walls surrounding it turn out to be hardened titans.

Shō Tucker’s Secret

Shou Tucker is a character who looks good and doesn’t have bad intentions at first. However, when the main protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Edward Elrics, became suspicious of Shou, a terrible secret was finally revealed. It turns out that Shou Tucker is not the one who appears at the beginning of his story. He turned out to be a terrible figure.

terrible secrets anime

Shou Tucker is a state alchemist trying to create a talking chimera. Although he ultimately manages to do it, there is a terrible secret hidden. Shou actually sacrificed all of his family members, his daughter and his wife, in order to complete the test. This secret was also strictly kept until it was revealed at the end of the story.

Gracefield House Secrets

The Promised Neverland in its first episode shows an interesting dramatic story. Set in an orphanage called Gracefield House, the audience is invited to meet Emma and various other children who live in the orphanage. They live there until their parents agree to adopt them. As it turns out, Gracefield House is no ordinary orphanage.

terrible secrets anime

Gracefield House is a place deliberately used to accommodate human children and raise them for sacrifice to demons. And the terrible thing is that Gracefield House is not the only place for this. Knowing this terrible fact, Emma vowed to find out everything and save her friends from a bad fate.

kyubey contract

Geeks may already be familiar with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime. This anime series is no different from other fantasy anime aimed at female audiences, such as Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. The story itself is not much different, a girl will get magical powers from a cute creature or pet.

In the Madoka Magica story, the mascot is Kyubey. He chose a girl who could become the next witch to face a great threat. The girls must come to an agreement on a contract, before they can gain power. What they don’t realize, however, is that the contract is actually a vicious cycle of suffering and death. Her life wasn’t as fun as they thought. In fact, the girls could also become wicked witches. How the images and the tone of the funny story manage to wrap up this terrible secret.

Apparently the story of the anime also has a dark secret that shocks the audience. However, what is interesting is that the anime manages to present an interesting beginning that makes the audience feel at home. Until then, the dark secrets of the anime began to be revealed in the middle of the story. What do you think of these geeks?

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