8 Mister Terrific Facts, New Superhero in DCU!

After being elected head of DC Studios, James Gunn made a lot of changes. Gunn has also announced a DCU reboot, in which this cinematic universe will no longer be connected to Zack Snyder’s cinematic universe. Superman: Legacy is confirmed to be the first film to be released in the DCU reboot, and it will feature a much younger Superman, played by David Corenswet. Now, what is more interesting, apart from introducing Superman, the movie will also introduce Mister Terrific, which was recently confirmed. So who is Mister Terrific? Check out the following Mister Terrific character data!

Those who have been Mister Terrific

There are two people who have held the title of Mister Terrific. So the first Mister Terrific was Terry Sloane, a hero who first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942. During his lifetime, Sloane had done a lot, from fighting crime to helping underprivileged children. This is why Sloane was nicknamed The Man with 1000 Talents. Sloane was a member of the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron before he was finally killed by his nemesis, Spirit King in 1979. Sloane’s death was enough to inspire Michael Holt to continue the duties of Mister Terrific in 1997, to be precise in the Specter Vol. 3 #54 comic, and is still Mister Terrific today.

dark history

Before Holt became Mister Terrific, he was actually contemplating suicide. Although Holt had a successful life, he didn’t make him happy. The comic titled 52 issue 39 reveals Holt’s childhood. Holt actually began to falter when his older brother, Jeffery, died at the age of 15. He too was born into a poor family. But all of that became an inspiration for Holt to achieve success. In the midst of his success, Holt found his true love, namely Paula. Unfortunately, after an argument, Paula was involved in a terrible car accident, which resulted in the death of Paula and her unborn child. A distraught Holt is then approached by a gang, and Holt hopes they will kill him. But then Holt was saved by the Specter.

genius man

Before becoming a superhero, Michael Holt It has above average advantages. He is considered the third smartest person in the DC Universe, behind Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. In JSA #13, it is revealed that Holt has understood physics since he was 6 years old. In addition, Holt has earned a total of 14 doctorates in various medical and scientific fields. That intelligence became the capital for Holt to start his own technology company, making him a millionaire. In addition to being gifted with genius, Holt also has an above-average physique. He once won a very prestigious Olympic Games.

Have a lot of advanced technology

The next Mister Terrific fact concerns his weapon. Like Batman and Iron Man, Mister Terrific doesn’t actually have that powerful power. Instead, this character relies on his intelligence and resources to eradicate evil. When in action, Terrific uses nano robots of his own design to assist him. Aside from that, Terrific has also created T-Spheres, a spherical computer that will follow Terrific anywhere, like a pet. With this technology, Mister Terrific can hack into enemy computers, project holograms, and become a means of communication. Apart from that, the technology can also make Terrific fly and protect him from bullets and explosions.


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