7 Villains The Avengers Have Never Faced!

Throughout their appearance in Marvel Comics, the Avengers have faced many villains, but there are some villains they have never faced. The Avengers are the strongest team of heroes in the Marvel universe. They are made up of the greatest heroes of the earth, starting with Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Catpain America and many others.

The story of the appearance of the Avengers in marvel comics Of course, it has been a very long time, in which many villains have faced many villains for decades. For example, Kang the Conqueror or even Thanos. However, while the Avengers have faced many villains, there are several villains they have never faced until now. So who are they? Here is the list.

Gorr the butcher god

God the God Butcher is an alien figure who manages to gain superpowers thanks to the Necrosword. He then used the sword made by the symbiote god, Knull, to kill the lives of various gods in the Marvel universe. In fact, his goal is to eliminate all gods in all existing universes. This made Gorr a dangerous figure.

the villain has not been faced by the avengers

Gorr the God Butcher has so far only faced Thor and the other two versions; Young Thor before him possessed Mjolnir and King Thor, who was from the end of the universe. Until now, Gorr has never faced off against the entire Avengers team. He just became the main villain for one of their members, Thor. Facing enemies armed with powerful cosmic weapons will certainly be a challenge for the Avengers.


In addition to Gorr, Thor also frequently encounters other evil cosmic creatures, namely Mangog. However, Mangog had never faced the Avengers team before. Mangog has his reasons why he hates Thor so much. In the story, Odin kills entire Mangog nations. He also seeks revenge on Asgard, Odin, and Thor.

Mangog once teamed up with Thanos to wreak havoc on Asgard. Mangog then returned to take on Thor and then Jane Foster before he was overpowered. Mangong himself managed to destroy Asgardia, which is a new Asgard that was created in a more modern way, bringing the region closer to the sun.

Baron Carlos Mordo

The figure of Baron Karl Mordo is best known as a rival and enemy of the figure of Stephen Strange, the great sorcerer. His feuds with Strange often cause him to deal with the team he became Strange’s ally of, the Defenders. During Strange’s time as part of the Avengers team, Marvel Comics has never shown the story of Baron Karl Mordo facing off against the team of heroes.

Baron Mordo himself is one of the extraordinary wizards besides Strange, though in terms of skill and strength his level is below the great wizard. However, Baron Mordo is certainly not a character to be underestimated. With the abilities he has, of course Baron Mordo can be a huge threat to the Avengers team.


Speaking of wizard villains, the one the Avengers team has never faced is Nightmare. The Nightmare figure is an interdimensional creature that becomes the ruler of the subconscious of all humans. As his name implies, Nightmare always gives people nightmares. For example, he has dominated Loki, Ghost Rider, and even the X-Men team of mutants.

In addition to Baron Karl Mordo, Nightmare is also a villain that Doctor Strange often comes up against. In reality, Nightmare himself knew of the existence of the Avengers team and was even interested in controlling some of his students. However, so far Nightmare remains an enemy of Strange and has not become a threat to the Avengers team. In fact, Shuma-Gorath and Mephisto were once enemies of the Avengers.


Morlun is an interdimensional vampire who consumes “Spider Totems” from various Marvel multiverses. Spider totems are what give spider powers to characters like Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, etc. Spider-Man is a superhero who has faced Morlun. Even so, he had almost come face to face with this team of heroes.

the villain has not been faced by the avengers

In his first appearance, Morlun manages to beat Spider-Man nearly to death. He even chased her to the hospital. The New Avengers team, of which Spider-Man is a member, already existed at that time. However, Morlun managed to elude them and then attacked Spider-Man. Peter himself woke up and later mutated and managed to finish off Morlun. However, that wouldn’t be the last story that Morlun faced Spider-Man.

dark phoenix gray cowboy

The Avengers team has faced the forces and ships of the Phoenix multiple times. In their battle against the X-Men, the Avengers had to face off against Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Emma Frost, and Magik, all five of whom were vessels of the Phoenix’s cosmic power. Most recently, Phoenix battled the Avengers while various heroes from various realities participated in a tournament to become the next vessel.

the villain has not been faced by the avengers

However, of the various names that have served as avatars or vessels for the Phoenix, Jean Gray is arguably the most popular. However, until now in the comics, the Avengers team has never faced Jean Grey, who is controlled by the power of the Phoenix. Jean Gray is shown to have fought against the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and also against the X-Men team.

mr sinister

Mister Sinister is one of the villains who has long been the nemesis of the X-Men mutant team. He had extremely terrifying intelligence and strength within his body. Mister Sinister himself has collaborated with Apocalypse multiple times to bring chaos to the mutant world. However, Mister Sinister himself had never faced the Avengers before.

the villain has not been faced by the avengers

This is different from several other X-Men villains like Apocalypse, Magneto, and various other X-Men villain names that have crossed paths with the Avengers team. In Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda, Mister Sinister almost confronts them. However, the villain decided to avoid them and not face the team of heroes.

In addition to having a number of hero characters, Marvel Comics also has a number of villain characters that are no less extraordinary. Most of these villains have come face to face with the Avengers team. However, some of these villains have never faced off against the Avengers. If Marvel Comics will introduce the story in the future, we still have to wait.

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