7 Ultraman Is Not From Japan!

There are several Ultraman characters that are not from Japan, but from other countries. Ultraman is a character from Japan’s Tokusatsu that has been entertaining audiences since the 1960s. They have managed to create various characters and series that have made this franchise survive till now. Ultraman is no less popular than other hero characters.

An example is that the popularity of Ultraman is not less than that of Kamen Rider, who always introduces new riders every year. With the extraordinary popularity of the Ultraman character, it turns out that other countries want to create their own version of him. The design itself is very similar, so non-Japan Ultraman can be considered plagiarism. So what are the characters?

7Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

This is the first Ultraman film in the United States that also serves as a means to introduce his character in that country. This film was produced in collaboration with the production company Tsuburaya and the production company that usually produces animated films, Hanna-Barbera. This movie was first released in Japan in 1987 and in 1989 it was released in Japan under the name Ultraman USA.

In this movie, we are introduced to three new Ultra Hero characters, namely Ultraman Chuck, Ultraman Scott, and Ultrawoman Beth. They are told that they hail from the same planet Altara as several other Ultramen. The premise itself is no different from other Ultraman stories in general, where the three characters are pilots who died and then their bodies are joined with Ultra’s heroes.

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