7 Marvel weapons that can defeat cosmic entities!

In the world of Marvel superhero comics, there are a number of cosmic entities that have proven to be very powerful and difficult to defeat. This can happen because they actually have extraordinary cosmic powers that make them almost omnipotent, such as changing reality, physical strength beyond reason, and also parallel existences in the Marvel multiverse. However, in Marvel’s own history, it turns out that there are some of the best weapons that can help combat his strength. In this article, we’ll explore seven weapons that have proven successful in defeating cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe!

7all black

All-Black is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, intended from the very beginning to kill Marvel’s cosmic entities. Created by Knull, an evil Elder God who was born from the darkness of the universe, All-Black is actually the first symbiote in the Marvel Universe to be forged directly from the creator’s evil shadow. At that time, Knull’s goal was none other than to destroy cosmic entities with All-Black so that the universe would return to the darkness it was when it was first created.

In the process, All-Black was scattered and fell into the hands of other evil characters such as Gorr the God Butcher, who used it to destroy the gods in the Marvel Universe. With an All-Black he called the Necrosword, Gorr once even intentionally went to the beginning of the early creation of the universe when the cosmic entities were still babies. Where he kills a baby elder god to take his heart so he can eliminate more gods throughout the Marvel timeline.

It turns out that All-Black, who is usually in the form of a sword, has possessed a cosmic entity like Galactus and Ego the Living Planet. Turning them into the most terrible creatures in the universe thirsty for destruction and eternal darkness. Although Knull’s whereabouts are now a mystery after Knull was killed by Eddie Brock aka Venom, that doesn’t take away from the fact that All-Black has literally uprooted dozens, if not hundreds, of Marvel’s cosmic entities.

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