7 Indonesian Movies Banned From Streaming In Indonesia!

With the quality of filmmakers and film technology continuing to develop, today Indonesia can be said to have become a film industry that has attracted the attention of the world. The sad thing is that even though they go global, it turns out that there are also several modern Indonesian movies that have experienced difficult trials because they were banned from showing in their own country. The reasons vary, from content that is considered sensitive, provocative or contains elements that are considered to violate applicable rules and regulations. Here are seven Indonesian movies that have been banned in Indonesia because they sparked controversy!

Kiss my beautiful body (2018)

Indonesian movies are banned

From the title alone, it could be said that the film kiss my beautiful body from director Garin Nugroho is enough to generate controversy in Indonesia. Where there are many who consider it too clear when describing sexual desires. The controversy worsened when the official synopsis was revealed. This dramatic film that centers on the life of a dancer named Juno turns out to be quite loaded with LGBT elements. That is why after briefly showing in theaters, this Indonesian film was immediately pulled and banned from showing due to rejection.

The Look of Silence (2014)

Produced by a Danish filmmaker named Joshua Oppenheimer, the look of silence is a documentary that narrates the ‘Massacres in Indonesia 1965-1966’ after the G30S/PKI movement. Broadly speaking, this documentary shows the point of view of an optician named Adi whose older brother was the victim of a massacre for being accused of belonging to the PKI. Considering that the issue raised is a very sensitive event in Indonesia, Oppenheimer’s film was finally banned from showing in Indonesia. But it’s great that it was able to screen at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

Something in the Way (2013)

Something in the way is a drama film directly written and directed by Indonesian filmmaker Teddy Soeriaatmadja. The plot itself tells the story of a taxi driver named Ahmad (Reza Rahadian) who has a high libido, where his life becomes more colorful after he meets a woman named Kinar (Ratu Felisha). Realizing that a film themed around the world tonight would generate controversy, before banning its showing in Indonesia, the filmmakers agreed to show it only Something in the way in Berlin, the Netherlands.

Butcher (2012)

Indonesian movies are banned

Before successful delivery the look of silence abroad, director Joshua Oppenheimer had already released a much more controversial film titled Butcher Also known as the title the act of killing By international fans, this documentary criticizes how the perpetrators of the anti-PKI massacre in 1965-1966 felt that their actions were an act of defense of the country. Although this movie was nominated for an Oscar and won a BAFTA award, but Butcher strictly prohibited from broadcasting in Indonesia for fear of evoking communism.

Poong (2006)

Indonesian movies are banned

As we know, the film industry in Indonesia has a lot of hair-raising horror movies. Especially those who use the word pocong in the title, because this shrouded ghost is actually the most populous spirit among the people. But who would have thought that behind the popularity of films about pocong, it turned out to be an Indonesian film titled pocong even prohibited. The reason turned out to be that the film directed by Rudi Soedjarwo contains sensitive scenes related to the heartbreaking tragedy of the ‘May ’98 Riots’.

Merdeka 17085 (2001)

Indonesian movies are banned

Independence 17085 is a historical genre film by director Yukio Fuji that basically tells the story of a Japanese soldier who takes part in the struggle for Indonesian independence. It was not by halves, to make each scene feel more realistic, film companies Toho and Rapi Films connected actors from both countries, Japan and Indonesia. Unfortunately despite the success in Japan with the title Murudeka 17085, Actually, this movie was banned from showing in Indonesia because there were several scenes that were considered to be inconsistent with the actual events.

Lady Terminator (1989)

Indonesian movies are banned

If Hollywood has a tough Terminator robot played by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Indonesia has one too Lady Terminators. Carrying the action-horror genre, this film was directed by director Tjut Djalil based on a rather unique plot, in which Ratu Kidul (the Caucasian version) acting as Lady Terminator is told to take revenge on the enemies who have captured her. At the time of its release, this film could only be shown abroad and was banned in Indonesia because it contained many violent scenes with sexual content.

Those are seven Indonesian movies that have been banned from showing in Indonesia for various reasons. Generally speaking, the reason these movies are banned is because they contain adult content that may require full knowledge if you want to watch it. Apart from the various controversies, these seven films can be said to have illustrated the quality of Indonesian cinema content that continues to develop with all its uniqueness.

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